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Dealing with those holiday pounds!

The holidays are here and we know what that means, so much yummy food and constant eating out due to holiday shopping. A combination of these two things can lead to a few extra pounds.

As soon as the holidays are over most of us try to get back to our normal routines such as daily workouts, home cooking and healthier eating habits. This is all great but we are still left with a few extra pounds that are sometimes visible. So, we struggle to figure out a way to hide those extra pounds. Sometimes we use baggie clothing thinking that this will help conceal the extra weight when in reality we are adding to it. Why not do what celebrities do? Some celebrities have admitted to using shapers to smooth out their curves.

Shapers are a great way to obtain a smoother appearance under your clothing by smoothing out the minor bulges that may occur due to the few extra pounds.

 Here are some styles of shapers that may work for you:

Body Briefers are a great way to get all over body control. They are a one piece garment that has a multiple purpose. They offer great tummy, waist and rear control.

Long Leg Briefs are ideal for rear and thigh control. They offer the same control as a shaping brief all the way down to your thighs and sometimes legs. Depending on the length of your long leg brief, it will make a great alternative to shorts.


Open Bottom Shapers are ideal under your dresses or skirts. They give you the shaping you desire. They also enable you to wear thigh highs because of the attached garters. These open bottom shapers give you the coverage of a slip and make undressing easier during bathroom breaks because you don’t have to take them off. They offer great control in the tummy and hip area.


Smoothers are a great alternative to regular shapewear because they offer light to moderate control. They help smooth out unseemly bulges and can be worn comfortably all day long. Some great Smoother styles are tanks, briefs and pants.


Torsolettes are similar to corsets but with less compression which makes them a bit more comfortable to wear. They have lace up or hook & eye fastening as well as boning to provide you with structure and support. Some may feature garters which allow you to wear stockings.


Tummy Trimmers or control briefs are a shaper style that range in different control options. They can range from light to extra control. They can be worn as underwear of over your regular panties. They offer you nice control and comfort.

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