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Dealing with the End-of-Summer Blues


The first day of fall is still weeks away, but most of us judge the end of summer by the kids returning to school, and the warm weather starting to fade. While a change of season can be nice, there’s something a little sad about the end of summer – the window to spend time outside is slowly closing, and most of our beach days are behind us! If you’re feeling the end-of-summer blues, here are some of our top ideas to beat them:

Treat Yourself
Most of us can’t afford to splurge every day, but there’s nothing wrong with treating ourselves now and again – especially when we have the blues! Treat yourself to a new end-of-summer outfit. Maybe you want to get a style that you’ll wear into fall now that cooler days are around the corner. Maybe you’d like a new bra to look great in your fall wardrobe, or spice things up in the bedroom. Or maybe you want to grab an end-of-season swimsuit to remind you that warm weather will return, or to prepare for a midwinter tropical vacation. The end-of-summer blues are the perfect excuse to treat yourself!

Have a Party
Throw a party for your friends or colleagues. Nothing distracts you from the blues like the logistics of providing food and drinks for a dozen or more people! Celebrate the summer we’ve just had, and have a last splash to send the season out on a high point! (Labor Day is just around the corner, but maybe you want to plan something for a little later in September to make sure people don’t already have conflicting plans, and to keep things separate from the usual Labor Day blowout. Or maybe you’re having a big Labor Day party and that’s party enough for you for a while!)

Go on a Mini-Vacation
You may not have the time or money to really get away, but how about taking a mini-vacation? Take a three-day weekend to go somewhere nearby and relax and recharge. Here in New England, I love to take mini-vacations to New Hampshire and Vermont. Wherever you are in the country, there’s somewhere to go – hop in the car, drive for a few hours and treat yourself to a weekend away!

Spa Day!
Some of us just love a good spa day. There are few things that can make your troubles melt away like a good massage and facial mask, accompanied by soothing music and delightful aromatherapy. Take some of your favorite girlfriends to a spa day, and then grab lunch or cocktails after. It’s hard to feel blue when you’re so relaxed and surrounded by good friends!

Beach Day
If a spa day isn’t your thing, how about a beach day? Cooler weather is around the corner, but it isn’t here yet – there’s plenty of time to play hooky and hit the beach, or just head up on a weekend. Don’t let the rest of the warm weather slip away without making one last trip to enjoy the sand and waves!

Do you have any favorite ways to deal with the end-of-summer blues?

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