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Daring New Swimwear Trends for 2011

Swim season 2011 is just around the corner, and along with it a ton of new swimwear trends! Time to buy a new swimsuit? We here at Big Girls’ Bras are ready to help you. If you’ve got a bit of a bold and daring streak, here are a few of the trends for you to consider for the upcoming swim season:

Sexy Cutouts
Sexy cutouts were one of the surprise trends in this year’s 2011 swimwear collection shows. Small, subtle cutouts in both bikini and one-piece styles were debuted by some of designers, while other designers have revealed flattering cutouts along the sides of their one-piece suits. The side cutouts create slimming lines, which can be great for women looking for styles that slim the middle and provide a more defined-looking waist.

A couple of sale items that feature the sexy cutout popular in swimsuits for 2011 are:

The Storm One-Piece Halter Swimsuit

Storm One Piece Halter Swimsuit

Another is the Anita Rose Faia Milena One-Piece Halter Swimsuit

Anita Rose Faia Milena One Piece Halter Swimsuit

If you prefer a tankini or tank-style swimsuit, Freya has the Super Nova Soft Tankini Top.

Freya Super Nova Soft Tankini Top

Unfortunately, these swimsuits are available only in limited quantities and sizes until they sell out, but we’ll be featuring other great options in our upcoming articles featuring new collections for 2011.

A Hint of Lingerie
The other sexy, daring style featured in the 2011 swim season is a hint of lingerie. Swimsuits that hint at bras or underwear with lacy edges or patterns reminiscent of underwear is meant to evoke a sexy vibe in these stylish swimsuits. Not everyone wants to look like they’re walking around on a beach in their underwear, but if you’re a daring lady who can pull off this style, these are a couple of samples of it in our swimwear collection:

The Freya Magic Underwire Balcony Bikini Top is one classic example of sexy bra styling in a bikini top. This piece is remniscient of Freya’s bra line with the classic cup styling, and even the straps have the scalloped edges that many bras feature. Cute hardware elevates it and gives it a slightly more obvious swim styling, but it’s still a sexy, on-the-edge piece of swimwear following 2011 trends.

Freya Magic Underwire Balcony Bikini Top

The Anita Rosa Faia Abigail Bikini Top is another example of a top that has a bit of bra styling in the lines of the cup, but is perfectly acceptable on the beach.

Anita Rose Faia Abigail Bikini Top

If you prefer a more modest look, something like the Freya Magic Swimwear Top Tankini provides more coverage, while still evoking a lingerie “feel” with the shimmering silver border, low cut and cup styling.

Finally, something like the Fantasie Monte Carlo Swimwear Accessory Wrap is a perfect sexy bedroom tease for your beach experience. The sheer wrap with satiny border evokes imagery of sexy lingerie, and can be the perfect accessory for your sexy 2011 swim wardrobe.

Looking for something particular? Feel free to give us a call, or browse our swimwear catalog here at Big Girls’ Bras. We’re happy to help you leap into a new look for the 2011 swim season!

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