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Create Your Own Vintage Mad Men Look with These Classic Bras!

With the fifth season of Mad Men premiering a few days ago, the world is abuzz with Mad Men talk! Shows like Mad Men have brought much more attention back to vintage clothing styles, with more and more women (and designers!) taking their cues from these popular styles. If you want to rock a truly vintage look without having to go hunt down your own vintage underwear, check out these great bra styles! These bras all feature the more classic, “pointed” or “bullet shaped” styling from the Mad Men era, and they’ll take your vintage styles up a notch with your authentic look!

Classic Bra Styling from Fancee Free
Fancee Free’s bra styling features the classic, more pointed shaping so popular in the 50s and 60s. Many of their bras offer this shaping, and two of the most popular are the Fancee Free Full Figure Underwire Support Bras 94443, and the Fancee Free Full Figure UW Bra 94444. These bras both feature the more classic, “bullet” style shaping, with cups designed to offer great support even for full-busted and full-figured women.

The main differences between these two styles are the straps and the sizing. The Fancee Free Full Figure Underwire Support Bras 94443 is designed for larger sizes, with wider comfort straps to help ease shoulder strain. The Fancee Free Full Figure UW Bra 94444 has narrower straps and a smaller size range, but is otherwise quite similar – and both offer the great Mad Men style shaping to give you a truly authentic vintage look!

Vintage Shaping from Exquisite Form
Exquisite Form is another designer that offers bras with more classic, pointed shaping. The Exquisite Form Original Fully Bra 532 is a great option if you’re looking for this type of style, with three-part cups designed to offer maximum support, and adjustable padding on the shoulder straps which enables you to customize your comfort level. These straps are designed not to slip and slide, and you may find this to be one of the most comfortable bras you’ll ever wear, in addition to being a great complement to your authentic vintage styling! As an added bonus, the low price point means you won’t break the bank in completing your classic look.

Longline Bras for a Truly Authentic Look
If you want to go truly authentic, you need to pair your “bullet bra” look with a great shaper. Women in this era often wore longline bras and corsets to give them a trim, svelte appearance. We’ll take a look at the great shaper options next week; today we’re going to concentrate on a couple of longline bras to truly complete your Mad Men look.

First up is the Venus Back Support Soft Cup Longline Bra. This bra is an excellent choice if you want to make your vintage style truly work for you, with fabulous back support that helps improve your posture in addition to giving you classic shaping and a trim appearance.

Another great option is the Exquisite Form Original Fully Longline Bra 7532, which has the same classic shaping but at the lower Exquisite Form price point. Removable shoulder pads add comfort; this is a great option if you want to complete your vintage look on a budget!

Come join us next week as we talk about great shapers to help you capture the best vintage Mad Men style.!

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