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Create a Unique Look with Tara Grinna Swimwear

The warm-weather swim season is here, and many of us have opened our closets only to discover that our swimsuits have succumbed to the dreaded “winter shrinkage!” Whether your swimsuits mysteriously shrunk over the winter, or whether you’re just looking for a new style or fit for this summer’s swim season, we’ve got some great options for you. Today we’re going to take a look at Tara Grinna swimwear. Did you know that by mixing and matching Tara Grinna styles, prints and solids, you have literally thousands of different options? Here’s how to create the perfect, unique look for you:

Mix and Match Prints and Solids to Create Thousands of Unique Looks!

Tara Grinna’s swim collection literally features hundreds of style and print combinations – far too many for us to feature here. But here are a couple of our favorites!

First up: the classic colors and hint of sophistication of the Tara Grinna Edyta collection! This collection features classic black and white styling with fabulous hardware to accessorize, with a print that starts with polka dots but goes a little bit upscale from there. The one-pieces, tankinis and wraps feature a print that is a combination of polka dot, flowers and other geometric designs, creating a truly unique look. Mix and match within the collection to find the perfect combo, or match it with a solid to tantalize with a splash of color!

Speaking of color, if a more colorful print is your preference, check out the Tara Grinna Zara collection or the Tara Grinna Livia collection! Zara features a nice range of almost pastels – the colors are still bright and bold but not quite “in your face.” Or if you love a bold print, Livia is perfect for you, with colors that pop in prints that will catch the eye!

Looking for a great solid? The Tara Grinna Violca collection features a rich royal blue that will make you feel like royalty! Or if something like red is more your color, the Tara Grinna Beatrix collection features an eye-catching red that will light a few fires when you walk by at the beach.

The Best Color Combo for Your Body Type
Your body type can help you pick the best color combination to show off your bod. If you’ve got a banana-shaped body, for example, you want to look for styles that create a waistline and skim the body. Small prints are great to break up the silhouette, and if you select a style that creates a waistline, you’ll look fabulous.

A pear shaped body, for example, should wear beautiful patterns and textures on top to help create a more balanced silhouette. Solids on the bottom that de-emphasize your lower half can help you create just the right look for your body.

An apple or upside-down triangle, on the other hand, should wear just the opposite. You want a soft silhouette, and monochromes on top can help elongate your torso. Avoid bold patterns and light colors above your waist; go with a darker color in a solid, or a light print to break up the top half.

Remember: with Tara Grinna, you can mix and match 400 styles and color combinations to create thousands of unique combos! Which one is your favorite?

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