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Crazy Things You’ve Stuffed in Your Bra!

Ok, ladies – it’s time to get a little whimsical and fun today. Bra stuffing isn’t uncommon for women who have asymmetrical breasts, women who want to boost their cup size and women who just want to make their favorite shirts fit better. But bra stuffing sometimes goes beyond the simple padding to include some really crazy stuff! There are some bra stuffing tips and tricks for pregnant women, and we all know someone who has used a bra as a purse. Why don’t you share with us today crazy things you’ve stuffed in your bra?

Padding in a nursing bra can help prevent lactating from showing through.

Bra Stuffing for Pregnant and Nursing Women
Pregnant and nursing women can stuff their bras in certain ways to help minimize the discomfort of pregnancy. During pregnancy, women may purchase pregnancy bras that are a larger cup size than they need, so they can grow into them. You might then stuff the bra with a very soft material to help minimize discomfort and fill out the cup until your breast grows. After you’ve given birth, of course, women often stuff a nursing bra with padding to prevent show-through in the event of lactating. And one birth book actually recommends that women stuff frozen peas in the bra when you come home from the hospital, to help reduce the discomfort of painful or sensitive nipples!

Sometimes you find crazy things in your bra...

Using a Bra as a Purse!
Ladies, we all know someone who has used a bra as a purse! (Or maybe you are that someone in your circle.) We’ve seen women stuff their cell phones in their bras; money; tissues and even credit or debit cards! Some women do this as a way to protect valuables in the event of a mugging or theft, while other women do this if they’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t have pockets. Share with us, ladies – what crazy things have you stuffed in your bra when you’ve used it as a purse?

Bra Stuffing in Illegal Activities
Unfortunately, not all bra stuffing is so innocent and fun. Some criminals use bras to transport drugs or drug money when they’re engaging in illegal drug trafficking. Women have been caught at border crossings attempting to smuggle drugs, trying to smuggle drugs onto airplanes and even in routine traffic stops attempting to smuggle drugs in a bra. Obviously, trying to smuggle drugs in a bra is a bad idea, and women who attempt to do this typically get caught during a pat-down or other screening.

To quote the world of comics, bra stuffing is a power you should use only for good! That being said, it’s time for you to share with us, ladies. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever stuffed in your bra? Do you use your bra as a purse on a regular basis? And have you ever lost something you’ve stuffed in your bra? (Yet another reason to make sure the bra fits properly – otherwise you might drop whatever you’re trying to stuff in your bra!)

Tell us all about your crazy bra-stuffing experiences, ladies!

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