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Cool – or Slightly Disturbing – Bra Inventions?

We’re regularly scouring the Web and industry reports for hot new items and inventions, and recently, some very… strange… bra inventions have begun to pop up. What do you think – are these cool, must-have bra inventions, or slightly disturbing? (Or both?)

Bra Dryer 2.0

Bra Dryer 2.0 You probably saw the fabulous KC post on our Facebook wall yesterday evening the very strange Bra Dryer 2.0! This crazy looking thing is actually shaped like a bust, and it uses infrared light and airflow to dry your wet bra in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. You drape the wet bra over the device (putting the bust shapes in the cups to help the bra retain its shape), turn it on, and leave it to dry!

What do you think? Is the Bra Dryer 2.0 genius, or a waste? It’s not scheduled to hit stores until 2014, and prices are looking like they’ll be in the $150 to $200 range when it does arrive. That price tag will undoubtably be a deterrent to some women when it comes out – as well as the necessity to find someplace to store a single-use item shaped like a pair of women’s breasts that can only dry one bra at a time.

(Personally? I think it’s kind of brilliant but I can’t see myself buying one. I go back and forth between hand-washing and using the delicate cycle on my washer to wash my bras – sometimes in a lingerie bag for my really high-end stuff like my Conturelle bras. I always hang-dry them over the shower curtain. The best method of drying is actually to lay them out flat, but I tend to wash all my bras at once and never have enough flat surface to lay them all out – not to mention if I tried, they might end up becoming napping spots for the dogs or the cat! I can’t imagine where I’d store this bra dryer, and even if I had a spot for it, I wash several bras at once so having a single dryer wouldn’t really work for me.)

Electrified Bra to Deter Sexual Assault

SHE - Society Harnessing Equipment

The slightly more serious bra invention, which I can’t decide if I love or if I’m disturbed by, is an electrified bra designed to deter sexual assault. As you might know if you watch the news, sexual assault is a huge problem for women in some countries around the world – the girl in the blue bra from Egypt captured our imagination in December 2011, and it’s a constant issue in India where this new bra has been engineered.

The lingerie, which the engineers are calling SHE, or Society Harnessing Equipment, shocks anyone who applies pressure to the outside of the bra. The wearer of the bra is protected by an inner polymer lining. If someone sexually assaults the bra-wearer, pressure sensors in the bra are activated and the attacker is severely shocked, which could by the victim enough time to struggle free. Additionally, this bra features technology which can send a location alert to police that lets them know where the victim is being attacked, enabling them to send help.

It’s very unfortunate that a device like this is necessary in some parts of the world, but if it can protect women from sexual assault, I’m all for it! What do you think of something like this?

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