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Conturelle: Bras Deigned for Comfort and Fashion

One of the great things about Conturelle, and an element of their design that keeps women coming back again and again to Conturelle bras, is the uncompromising focus on fit. Conturelle makes beautiful, fashionable bras, but they’re unwilling to sacrifice fit for fashion. When you buy a Conturelle bra, you’re getting a bra that is engineered to be comfortable and is designed to avoid many of the common bra fit problems that cause itching or an unpleasant feel against the skin. What are the fantastic design elements that Conturelle integrates into their bras to meet their demanding standards for comfort?

Custom Fabrics
The look of Conturelle bras is important to the designers, but comfort is the focus for their custom fabrics. The quality of the fabric is even more important than how it looks in a Conturelle bra. First and foremost, the custom fabrics are designed for elasticity, performance and strength. The bras are tested over and over again throughout the development process, and fabrics are designed to feel soft and comfortable against the skin. If the custom fabrics aren’t right or don’t feel comfortable enough, Conturelle would not hesitate to send them back to start again.

Flat, Lined Seams
Conturelle prides itself on the flat seams in its bra cups. The seams are intentionally quite flat to avoid rubbing or chafing against sensitive bra tissue. Once the seams in the cup are finished, the cup is lined with an extra layer of extremely thin, very soft material to conceal the stitching and ensure that there is no itching whatsoever.

Shorter Underwires
The underwires in Conturelle bras don’t come up as far as many other bra designs in the center bridge or under the arms. This is an important fit note, as the underwire under the arm can dig into extra tissue under the armpit, or can dig into the underarm in women with shorter torsos. By having shorter underwires, Conturelle avoids this uncomfortable fit issue.

Certified Allergy-Free Underwires
Conturelle uses only nickel-free stainless steel in its underwires. These underwires are certified allergy-free, so women who have nickel allergies need not worry about rashes from underwires.

Underwire Channel Lining
The inside channel where the underwire is inserted is lined with a very soft, very smooth strip of foam. This helps to ensure that the fit is as comfortable as possible, and to have zero discomfort after wearing an underwire bra all day long.

Back Closure Lining
In every Conturelle bra except one, the side of the back closure against the skin under the hook-and-eye is lined with a soft microfiber. This is the part that lies against the skin all day long. The microfiber is designed to reduce discomfort caused by the hook-and-eye and make the bras more comfortable for all-day wear.

Bra Strap Details
Conturelle has integrated some clever features into the bra strap design to avoid bra straps falling off the shoulder, and make them more comfortable. Conturelle bra straps are shiny on top, but on the underside where the bra strap touches the skin, the material is more tactile; kind of “fuzzy.” It’s still very soft, but the tactile nature creates traction so the bra strap stays put. The bra straps are also positioned very close together in the back, centered in a V-shape, to help ensure that the straps will not fall off.

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