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Conturelle Bra Fit Notes

Every bra has some special fit notes based on the way it’s designed. Some bras fit certain body types better than others. Some bras have a slightly different sizing based on fit and design. Different bras produce different shapes and fit in different ways. Knowing these differences can help you make an informed decision about what bra is best for you. This week, we’re taking an in-depth look at Conturelle bras, so lets look at some of the fit notes of Conturelle versus other bra styles and designs.

Conturelle Bras are Slightly “Demi”
Conturelle offers full-cup bras, but they’re slightly more “demi” in style and design than most full-cup bra designs. This means that there’s slightly less fabric in Conturelle’s full-cup bras versus many other full cup bras, and the fabric usually comes down lower on the bust. This results in a more balconette or demi style of fit. The center bridge wires don’t come up as high as the wires in other bras, and the underwire under the armpits also doesn’t come up as high.

This more demi styling makes Conturelle full-cup bras a great choice for women with short torsos, short women and any full-busted woman who wants a full-cup but not necessarily the extreme amount of coverage you find in a larger full-cup bra. This more demi style also translates to shape; the top edge of the cup does’t come up as high relative to the strap, and shows more of the breast while still providing good coverage. This is great for lower-cut shirts; you can wear a full-cup bra while still keeping the bra hidden even in a lower-cut shirt. It creates a more sexy look for women who don’t want all the coverage but still want the support of a full-cup bra.

Conturelle Bras Feature a Natural, Rounded Shape
Most of the Conturelle bras have seamed cups to maximize fit, but an important thing to note is that the shape is still natural and rounded. Some other bra designers have trouble creating a rounded shape with a seamed cup; their cups may come out “pointy” and look and feel less natural. Conturelle cups are designed for a natural, rounded fit.



Elastic Embroidery on Upper Cup
An important design note for Conturelle bras: the embroidery you see on the upper cup of many of Conturelle’s bras has a bit of elasticity; it’s not rigid like typical embroidery. This means that there’s a bit of give in the upper cup, and it won’t cut into the breast tissue and create a double-breast effect; your breast tissue won’t bulge over the top of the cup. Many designers that feature embroidery on the upper cup don’t have this elasticity, and the fit can be unflattering for full-busted women. This elasticity helps to create a fantastic shape for women with loose breast tissue, women with asymmetrical breasts or women who may have trouble with some other bra cups.

Conturelle Sizing Notes
Conturelle sizing is consistent with other European bra companies, and you’ll see a size chart on our Conturelle pages. However, the way that Conturelle bras are cut, the cup fits a little bit smaller than some other European brands. Depending on the brand comparison, Conturelle cups may fit anywhere from one-third to one-half a cup size smaller than other bra cups in the same size. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for Conturelle bras.

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