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Confused by Bra Types? Check Out Our New Guide to Bra Styles!


Shopping for a bra isn’t always an easy process. Bra sizing confounds the best of us, and trying to find the right fit for your body is a trial-and-error process that can get annoying if you’re not the patient type. All of the types of bras and different bra styles adds another element of confusion to the bra shopping experience. What’s the name of a particular bra type? And what’s the best style for a certain body type, or for a certain outfit?

Well, here at Big Girls Bras, we’re constantly trying to make your bra shopping experience easier. That’s why we’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating the ultimate guide to bra styles! Have you checked out our new Bra Styles Revealed: What, When and Who Guide yet?

Find Out What, When and Who
Each of our new Bra Type listings is broken down into what, when and who. For example, on our “What is a Comfort Strap Bra?” listing, we tell you:

No more wondering about what a certain type of bra is, when’s the best time to wear it (or what to wear it with), or whether it works best for a certain body type. We’ll help you figure all that out with our great new Bra Style Guide!

Shop for Bras by Cut and Style
Bra cut and bra style are some of the most important factors in selecting a bra. Do you prefer a full cup bra for everyday wear, but want a plunge bra or a balcony bra for date night, or to go with that special outfit? Find out more about bras by cut and style to figure out which bra types are right for you, and what you should be shopping for.

Shop for Bras by Construction
Construction is another important factor for many women. Do you love a good Cotton Bra? Are you crazy about Molded Bras? Have you ever wondered what a Convertible Bra is? Shop for bras by construction – how they’re made – and find the best type of bra for you.

Shop for Bras by Purpose
Some of our bras are designed specifically for a certain purpose, such as Cleavage Bras designed to enhance your assets, or Sports Bras to wear while exercising. Check out our guide to bras by purpose to find the perfect bra for your needs!

Shop for Bras by Body Types
Finally, there’s bras by body type. Do you have a full bust, and want a minimizer bra? Or are you an expecting mom who wants to learn more about maternity bras? Check out our bras for body types to find out what to wear when!

Women of the world, we want to hear from you! What do you think about our new Bra Style Guide? Do you find it helpful, or is there something else you want to learn more about?

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