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Comfort Bras to Wear When You Unwind and Relax After Your Holiday Party

What do most of us do around the holidays? Either we rush around trying to cook enough food to feed an army and clean the house well enough that you could eat off the kitchen floor – or we squeeze ourselves into something flattering (usually something new!) and spend hours on our feet in that uncomfortable-but-oh-so-cute pair of heels we love. No matter what you do for the holidays, whether you’re physically exhausted or just emotionally drained from dealing with stress and your family – we’ve got some great bras to help you unwind when you’re ready to relax and let down your hair.

Glamorise Complete Comfort Sleep Leisure Bra 1803
The Glamorise Complete Comfort Sleep Leisure Bra 1803 is one of our favorite bras for relaxing and just hanging out at home. When you’ve shooed out all the guests, or you’re finally home after a long day (or evening!) out at a holiday party, this bra is perfect to throw on and unwind on the couch. Extra wide shoulder comfort straps, cami-style straps and light ruching make this bra comfortable and cute. Front closure is super easy. Treat yourself to a little nap or a cozy nightcap in sheer comfort.

Leading Lady Sleep and Leisure Bra 110
Even though the Leading Lady Sleep Leisure Bra 110 is only available on backorder right now, we had to call it out! This is one of our favorite sleep leisure bras, and our shoppers agree, with 11 reviews giving it a total of 4.4 out of 5 stars, and 100% of our reviewers willing to recommend it to a friend! This bra gets superb marks for comfort – it is hands-down one of the most comfortable bras you’ll ever wear. It’s great for lounging around the house and “weekend” mode, but it’s even comfortable enough to sleep in. Treat yourself to it now, and you’ll probably have it in time for the Christmas holiday season!

Leading Lady Zig Zag Weave Leisure Bra 151
The Leading Lady Zig Zag Weave Leisure Bra 151 is another favorite among our shoppers – what can we say? Leading Lady nows how to do comfortable! This full coverage bra is soft and comfortable, with a wide range of sizes that fit most of our fuller-figure shoppers effortlessly. If you’re looking for an easy-to-open front close plus size sleep leisure bra, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Grenier Cotton Light Sports Support Bra 8505
Light support sports bras can be extremely comfortable, and the Grenier Cotton Light Sports Support Bra 8505 gets very high marks in the comfort department! Plus, it’s cotton! In today’s marketplace, cotton bras can actually be difficult to find; most cotton bras are some sort of cotton blend. Remember those cotton jersey t-shirts you love? This has the same great feel and comfort that will make you want to lounge on the couch for days!

It’s the holiday season, ladies – you’re going to need a little downtime and relaxation, so treat yourself to something super comfortable!

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