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Big Girls Bras is on Facebook!

Are you on Facebook? Big Girls Bras has a Facebook page, which we love to use to connect with our shoppers and fans! Whether you’re looking for a little humor about the challenges of being a woman, the latest news about our hottest swim fashions, early announcements about our fabulous sales, or even someone to answer your question, we’d love for you to visit us on our Facebook page! Like us for updates in your feed, and visit us often to see what other shoppers are talking about!

Find Out about Great Sales and New Items
Have you ever wished for an inside connection to your favorite retailer? Wanted to know about fabulous sales as soon as they’re up? Felt left out when all your friends were raving about a hot new item you hadn’t seen yet? Fret no more – Big Girls Bras has a great Facebook page that gives you exactly that! Be one of the first people to hear about our fabulous sales – and rush on over to stock up on your favorite items before your size is out of stock! Or become the person who’s always telling your friends about the newest hottest thing in bras, swimwear or shapewear. Fashion is in, so get your inside line on the underpinnings with BGB on Facebook!

Ask Questions and Get Answers!
Have a bra fit challenge? Want to know what replaced your favorite swimsuit? Or just looking for a recommendation? Our fabulous BGB staff checks in on our Facebook page regularly, and is happy to help with your questions! And don’t forget about the valuable resource that your fellow shoppers can be! When you ask a question on the BGB Facebook page, we’ll do our best to make sure you get answers!

Enjoy Some Humor and Relate with Other Women
Being a woman isn’t always easy. We all have our own challenges to face. Be it bra or swimwear fit challenges, the challenges (and joys!) of being a mother, the difficulty of being a working woman today… there’s plenty in the world to keep us busy and occasionally give us grief. We totally understand that at BGB. Our fabulous KC is always on the hunt for funny gems or relatable moments, which she shares on our Facebook page. And you’ll know you’re not alone when a bunch of our fans chime in! You’re going to love our Facebook page because it isn’t all about self-promotion – it’s about being a woman, and making our lives easier (and sometimes funnier!)

Get a Direct Line to BGB!
Don’t miss out on the chance to get a direct line to Big Girls Bras! Have a question or comment that you don’t have time to call with, and don’t want to wait on an email response for? Get a direct line to Big Girls Bras through our Facebook page! If our ladies who monitor the page can’t answer your question themselves, they’ll hunt down the person who can and get back to you ASAP. This is your chance to have a real ear directly in a retailer to ask questions or tell us what you think!

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