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Combating the Effects of Aging with the Right Bra

Comfortable and supportive are common bywords when aging women shop for bras

This week, we’ve been taking a look at how the different stages of your life can affect your breasts and change your bra needs. Today, we’re looking at aging. Whether we like it or not, ladies, aging happens to all of us – and like our faces, our breasts show our age. But unlike our faces, there’s no magic cream or beauty regimen we can follow to protect our breasts from aging. By paying attention to your changing bra needs, you may be able to reduce the effects of aging on your breasts. At the very least, the right bra can take pounds off your waist and years off your age.

Loss of Elasticity as You Age
It’s an unfortunate fact that our skin loses elasticity as we age. This becomes evident in the breasts, as the skin of our breasts begins to stretch. Sagging becomes an inevitability, with gravity taking the cruelest toll on our breasts. Additionally, with the changes of menopause, your breast tissue changes and you may lose shaping. In the end, your breasts show signs of aging just like the rest of your body – but the right bra can help you negate this process, or at least present the best possible silhouette to the world.

Find the Right Bra for Shaping and Support
As you age, your breast tissue changes and your skin stretches. You’ll find yourself in need of a more supportive bra as you age, and you’ll probably also need shaping, as well. A full-cup bra can help provide the coverage you need. Likewise, a well-fitted bra with an underwire can offer extra support and meet your bra needs as you age. But you don’t just have to weather the effects of time. With the right bra, you can keep your breasts looking youthful and firm even as you age.

The Benefits of Push-Up, Molded Cup and Padded Bras
Push-up bras, molded-cup bras and padded bras can be your keys to looking great even as you age. Some women feel self-conscious about wearing these bras as they age, and opt for more plain, “sensible” bras. But other women want to look their best, with breasts resembling the firm bosoms of their younger years, and these bras can become secret weapons. Push-up bras help provide the shaping and volume you may lack as you age. Molded-cup bras can provide a natural, smooth shape, and even padded bras can help with your quest to keep your bosom looking firm and lush. You’re never too old to look your best!

A Well-Fitted Bra can Take Years Off Your Age
As always, bra fit is vital. A well-fitted bra can take pounds off your silhouette and years off your age by lifting your breasts to their proper position, and giving you a beautiful, feminine figure. You should continue to be fitted periodically even after you go through menopause, as your bra needs may continue to change based on shaping, volume and support requirements. But keeping up with regular fittings and always wearing a properly-sized bra can help you age gracefully.

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