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Color-Code Your Wardrobe: The Trick to Matching Bra Colors

Bra color is something that doesn’t get much attention, but it should! Every wardrobe needs bras in at least a few different colors. You can wear some bra colors under some clothes, but other bra colors may be conspicuous or visible under your clothes. While some daring individuals may want to show off their sexy bras under sheer tops, most women prefer their bras to blend into the background – which is best achieved by selecting a certain color of bra based on what color clothes you’re wearing. Make sure you have enough bra colors for your wardrobe!

Do Your Bra and Underwear Have to Match?
First is the concept that your bra and your underwear have to match. 55 percent of women say they don’t bother matching their bras and their underwear; but that means 45 percent of women do! No matter which side of the argument you’re on, it’s a pretty close margin. Many women resolve this age-old question by having a few matching bra and panty sets for sexy occasions with their significant others, and then having a variety of bras and underwear that might not match for everyday wear or wear under work clothes. But your bra and underwear only have to match if you want it to; there’s no fashion etiquette that says it’s a must.

Nude Bras are the Most Versatile
Contrary to popular belief (and tradition!) – it’s not white bras that are the most versatile, but nude bras. White bras are fine under dark-colored clothes or thick clothes, but white bras typically show through light-colored shirts. You can wear nude bras, on the other hand, under both dark and light clothes, although nude bras may show through some sheer dark clothes. Nude bras come in a variety of shades to match your skin tone, and you don’t need an exact match – just something close enough to not show under your clothes.

Every Wardrobe Should Have Black Bras
Black or dark-colored bras are a must-have for every wardrobe. Nude bras are great under light-colored clothes, and they work well under many dark clothes, too. But some dark-colored clothes are sheer, thin or have a knit that could show through the edges of a nude bra. If you wear a dark or black bra under these clothes, your bra won’t show.

Colorful Bras are Great with Certain Clothes
If you’re a bit more playful and you like playing with colorful patterns, or you just love the bold bright solid colors that some bras offer – you can still wear them! Bright colors and patterns work fine under black clothes, navy clothes and clothes in other bright colors. However, if the fabric is thin or sheer and your bra is a dark color, it could show under your clothes; you may need to choose a lighter-colored or nude bra under these clothes. Try on bright bras under your clothes before you go out to make sure the bra isn’t visible – unless you want to show off!

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