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If you’ve visited the Big Girls Bras website lately, you’ve noticed that we’ve implemented a lot of exciting new features just for you! In our latest YouTube video, the awesome Katie (KC from Facebook!) has done a quick walkthrough of our newest features and how to get the most from our site. If you don’t have time to watch the video (or if you’re at work and you don’t want your boss to catch you on YouTube!) these are the basics that Katie covers in the new video:

Big Girls Bras Home Page Updates

Our Home Page
The Big Girls Bras homepage has gotten a facelift with some great new features and a lovely, timely graphic front and center! The Home Page is where you can go to catch a glimpse of our newest brands and seasonal content in big, bold graphics, and it’s also the nerve center for our site redesign that offers you a ton of new ways to shop!

2013 Style Guides
At the top of the page, just under the navigation bar, you’ll see our fabulous 2013 Style Guides. These are a few of our favorite or hottest brands, and their offerings just for the 2013 season! If you click into one of the style guides, you can see the entire collection in an easy-to-browse format. Take a look at the styles to pick out your favorite, and then find a color you love! Easily glance through the entire collection to find your new swimsuit!

The Big Girls Bras Navigation Bar
Speaking of the navigation bar, the Big Girls Bras navigation bar is where one of our best new features comes in! Use the “Start Anywhere” bar to browse for your size, a certain style, your favorite brand – or even a specific color! This very targeted search makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for with just a few clicks – without having to browse through the entire site!

If you’re in the mood to browse, however, take a look at our Catalog on the left side of the page! From there, you can click into Bras, Swimwear, Shapewear – whatever your heart desires! Once you’re in the category, you can use our “Shop” buttons to narrow down your search by type, brand, bra size, size or favorites – making it easy to see as little or as much as you want!

Our New Guides
In the video, Katie spends a few minutes talking about our new guides. We think they’re just fabulous, and contain a ton of useful info – check them out, or check out the blog post we did that focuses on just the guides!

Product Pages
When you find something you like and click into the product page, you get a ton of useful info right on the page. We’ve got reviews from other shoppers just like you, fit guides to help you figure out how that brand fits, and even a new Pin It button which lets you easily add things to Pinterest!

Social Media
We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention all the places you can find us on social media! All of our social media sites are lined up across the top of our home page, so take the time to visit us, catch some great sales or exclusive coupons, find out about new products, ask fit questions or just say hi!

If you can’t catch the video now, come back and visit later because there’s a ton of useful info to help make your next bra, swimsuit, or shapewear shopping experience a breeze!

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