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Changes to Your Bust As You Age

Aging causes all sorts of changes in your body. Your skin becomes thinner and starts to develop wrinkles. Parts of you that used to be firm and youthful start to show the passage of time. Your curves become less curvy, and you may need to switch to different clothes that flatter your changing physique. Aging gracefully doesn’t mean clinging to the last vestiges of your youth, and it also doesn’t mean you can’t look great. Aging just means it’s time to adjust your wardrobe to keep up with your changing body.

Evaluate Your Bra Styles Every Few Years
It’s always a good idea to wear a supportive bra, and that becomes even more vital as you age. One of the best ways to combat the vagaries of aging on your bust is to wear more supportive bras. Some of the less-supportive, more flattering bra styles like demi bras and balcony bras are fine as occasional wear as you age, but for every-day wear you might want to look at more supportive, full-coverage bras.

You Lose Breast Volume As You Age
It’s a sad but true fact that you lose breast volume as you age. As the hormone levels in your body change, your breasts may actually shrink due to changes in your glands and thinning of your skin. Once-youthful and perky breasts may start to sag, or may begin to look shriveled.

At this stage, one of the best things you can do is to find good supportive bras that offer great shaping. You’ll probably want full-coverage bras that completely enclose the breasts. These bras offer flattering shaping, and they give your breasts the support they need to prevent further sagging.

Padded or molded bras are also a good choice for an aging bust. These bras provide smooth, round shaping under your clothes, even if your breasts no longer feel like their youthful selves. They’re great for more modest clothing styles, or even body-hugging styles that don’t have particularly low necklines. Underwire bras are also great choices for an aging bust, but be sure the underwire is properly fitted to avoid health issues. Your underwire should never rest on the breast tissue itself; it should always hit your chest below your breasts.

Change Your Image of Cleavage
As a young woman and even moving through middle age, it may be fun to show a little cleavage once in a while. Many ‘special occasion’ outfits have low-cut or plunge necklines to show off your bust. As you age, it may be time to retire those ‘cleavage’ outfits. You can still look sexy in flattering cuts and styles, like conservative square neck or boat neck styles, but the plunge cuts and revealing necklines of younger years are no longer quite so flattering when the bust shape starts to change. As you age, think of your style changing from risque-sexy to elegant-sexy. You can still be sexy and attractive; just do it in a different way. Our bra collection has plenty of options to keep you looking great as you age.

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