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Changes to Your Bra Needs Post-Mastectomy

Anita Post Mastectomy 2 Pocket Sports Bra

Mastectomy bras are designed for comfort, and some support padding inserts and prosthesis

This week, we’re looking at the various changes that your body undergoes throughout your lifetime, and how those changes can affect what bra style and size you should be wearing. Today, we’re going to take a look at post-mastectomy bras. This is a subject that we’ve touched on recently, so today we’re going to focus on fit and the changing needs of your body. Many women never have to experience this change, but more and more women are developing breast cancer every year, so it’s a problem that affects many of the women in the world around us.

Wear Post-Surgical Garments for 6-8 Weeks
When you undergo a mastectomy, the doctor will tell you to wear post-surgical garments for at least 6 to 8 weeks after your surgery. In some cases, the hospital will provide you with special post-surgical garments to wear. In other cases, you may be recommended a certain brand or style of post-surgical bra and left to select the bra you want. In any case, make sure that you comply with the doctor’s orders of what to wear post-surgery so you can heal quickly and comfortably.

Post-Mastectomy Bras Feature Thoughtful Details
When it’s time for you to switch to a post-mastectomy bra, you’ll appreciate some of the thoughtful details that go into their design. Most post-mastectomy bras are made with soft, breathable cotton, and feature specially-designed straps to prevent cup bounce. The straps are adjustable for ease of movement, and the bra is designed to avoid irritating the surgical site.

Having the correct band size is vital, as bras that are too loose can “ride up” and irritate the surgical site. Poorly-fitted mastectomy bras can also dislodge a prosthesis, which can move around, look unnatural and potentially irritate the surgical site.

Mastectomy Bras and Reconstructive Surgery
Some women undergo reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. During the course of this surgery, temporary saline implants are placed at the site where breast tissue was removed. Over several months, women undergo a series of doctor’s visits, where saline is pumped into the implant, slowly stretching the skin. Breast reconstruction is a gradual process that can take months, during which the cup size of your bra will change constantly. You may need several mastectomy bras in different sizes as you undergo breast reconstruction, and it’s important to be re-fitted at various stages in the process to make sure you’re wearing the right bra size.

If you don’t, you’ll face the same problems that any woman faces post-mastectomy. Poorly-fitted bras can ride up, and/or rub and irritate the surgical site. In the case of breast reconstruction, having cup sizes that aren’t big enough can irritate your breasts and cause sensitivity or discomfort. It also prevents you from maintaining the most natural look possible, if your bra cup isn’t fitting properly and providing the support and shaping you need throughout this process. After breast reconstruction, you may opt to continue to wear a mastectomy bra until you experience no further discomfort; then you may choose to return to a molded-cup bra, full-coverage bra or other bra option.

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