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Changes to Your Body as You Lose Weight

Losing weight is a great feeling for most of us. It makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something, and we’re on our way to a thinner, sexier us. The problems of shopping for new clothes are good problems to have; particularly when you reach your goal weight and find out you really do look as good as you thought you would. However, losing weight does have some short-term and potentially lasting effects on the body. What do you need to know about the changes to your body as you lose weight?

Losing Weight Too Fast is Hard on Your Body
Everyone says not to lose weight too fast, but many people don’t understand why this can be a problem. Most people want to lose weight as quickly as possible, and may even turn to extreme methods to do so. Why is losing weight too fast bad for your body?

Along with the many health problems that can occur when you lose weight too quickly and don’t get enough nutrients and calories, losing weight too fast also has some effects on the way your body looks. For example, if you lose too much fat too fast, your skin may not be able to keep up with your fat loss. No matter how much you exercise, you may not be able to achieve that toned look you’ve been trying for. This includes your breasts, unfortunately.

Your breasts are largely composed of fat tissue, and when you lose weight, you can’t control where your body takes it from. This means that in addition to losing weight in your waist, arms and thighs, you’ll also lose it in your bust. And losing weight too quickly is just as dangerous for your bust as it is for your stomach.

When you lose weight too quickly, your breasts may begin to sag or droop. They may also look deflated; like there’s too much skin for your breast tissue. This can be a huge problem, as most people lose weight to look better – and don’t realize that they could be losing their natural shaping.

Look for Shaping Bras
In most cases, your skin will eventually regain its elasticity and your breasts may return to their beautiful, rounded shape – in a smaller size. Until that happens, though, look for shaping bras. Padded cup and molded cup bras are great options while you’re waiting for your bust to regain its natural shaping. You might also consider push-up bras for cleavage, but not all push-up bras create the same shaping. If you wear push-up bras, you may need to experiment with a few different styles and brands.

Evaluate Your Size
Remember that when you’re losing weight, you also need to change your bra size! Both your band size and your cup size may go down when you loose weight. Your band size is the dimension around your body, and the cup size is determined by the volume of your breasts. When you lose a significant amount of weight, get re-fitted by a professional or follow our fit guidelines to find a new bra to fit your new body!

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