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Changes to Your Body as You Gain Weight

As much as we may try to fight it, gaining weight happens to many of us at some points in our lives. You may find that when you reach a certain age, you can no longer eat anything and everything like you used to. Or you may change jobs, experience health problems or simply become less active at various points in your life. These things happen to all of us. The key to gaining weight gracefully is to understand the changes to your body and dress for them.

Body Changes Depend on Your Lifestyle
The changes in your body depend on your genetics, your habits and your lifestyle. The main factor is lifestyle, though. If you’re an active person who experiences a change in metabolism, you may notice all-over weight gain. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, though, or you do a lot of sitting, you may experience weight gain concentrated in your waist and thighs.

If you do a certain type of exercise; i.e. if you do a lot of upper-body workouts, you may not notice as much weight gain in your arms as in your waist and lower body. When you consider the way your body will change during weight gain, think about your lifestyle. Most people gain weight all over, although an increasing portion of the population is experiencing weight gain in the stomach area.

Change Your Bra Size
As you gain weight all over, your bra size will change. This is a normal part of weight gain. The band size will change as your body’s frame expands, and your cup size may also change as you gain weight in your breasts. Most bra manufacturers make bra cup sizes that are proportionally larger as you go up in band size. You may find that if you were a 34c before gaining weight, you’re still a c but in a 36 band size.

In many cases, however, a change in size translates to a change in band size and a change in cup size. Depending on how the weight gain affects your body, you may go from a 34c to a 38D or a 40DD – every woman’s body is different. That’s why its important to go with actual measurements, and its best if you can have a fit expert conduct a real professional fitting.

Get in Touch with Your Real Self
One of the biggest mistakes that women make when they gain weight is to resist the whole idea of weight gain. Women rationalize weight gain as temporary, and refuse to buy new clothes because they’re going to start working out and fit back into the current wardrobe. We’ve all been there. But the key to gaining weight gracefully is to get in touch with your real self – who you are today, not who you were last year or five years ago.

Dress the body you have, not the body you used to have. If you’re still trying to squeeze into last year’s size 6s, you’re not doing your body any favors. It won’t be flattering and you may actually cause yourself medical problems by wearing a bra that’s too small. Instead, embrace who you are and buy clothes that look great on the body you have. You’ll look and feel a whole lot better.

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