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Celebrate National Swimsuit Confidence Week

A couple of people in the blogosphere, partnered with Curvy Girl Guide and Land’s End, have dubbed this week National Swimsuit Confidence Week. The idea behind National Swimsuit Confidence Week is to get women to step up and own their bodies. So many women are embarrassed to go out in a swimsuit, or wear cover-ups by the pool or beach or even in the water. The goal of National Swimsuit Confidence Week is to get women to take off the cover-ups and feel great in their bodies. And that’s something we can get behind here at Big Girls’ Bras!

Curvy Girls are Here to Stay
So many women are self-conscious about their bodies – needlessly self-conscious. It’s a fact that the average size for women in the United States now is a size 14. We may all want to be model-thin, or at least a few pounds less than we are right now, but the reality is that most of the women in the United States are borderline plus-size. Plus sizes used to start at size 14, and the fact that the average size in the United States is now a 14 really throws the entire size scale into question.

Realistically, can 14 be a “plus size” when it’s the average size? Shouldn’t it be considered average?

Bottom line: you don’t have to be a size 0 (or even a size 6) to love your body. The average size in America is a size 14. If you’re anywhere near this size, you’ve got nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. And even if you’re above this average, you shouldn’t feel bad – the whole scale is skewed to a size that’s far below average, so even an 18 or 20 (or more) isn’t as far off average as the traditional scale would have you believe.

In other words: we’re a curvy nation. Rock it. Wear it with pride. And find the swimsuits that help you look and feel your best, so you can show your style and be proud of your body when you hit the beach or pool.

Find the Right Swimsuit
We all have problem areas we want to work on. For some women, it’s the stomach. For some, it’s the thighs. Or the butt. Or maybe you’ve just got a big bust and you’re embarrassed at the attention you feel it draws.

Finding the right swimsuit can make a huge difference in how you feel about your body. Experiment with different styles, and check out our other swimsuit posts to help you find the right fit and swimsuit style for your body. Don’t just write yourself off – poke around our collections and find the right swimsuit for you – a swimsuit you’ll be proud to wear!

Embrace National Swimsuit Confidence Week
The people who have put together National Swimsuit Confidence Week have a valuable lesson to offer, and one that more women should embrace: love our bodies. Stop beating ourselves up over 5 or 10 or even 20 pounds we want to drop. Don’t “wait” to wear our favorite things. Enjoy who we are today, and rock it!

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