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Is Shapewear Bad for Your Health?

As shapewear becomes more popular in a society obsessed with looking good, the risk of getting into health problems with shapewear has increased. Did you know your shapewear can be dangerous? Believe it or not, doctors are weighing in and there are real health risks associated with wearing shapewear. The risks are largely associated with

What’s Your Underwear Ritual?

No, we’re not talking about some weird thing involving incantations and burning incense. We’re talking about the underwear that you wear under certain circumstances! Like some sports players, for example, have a lucky pair of underwear that they wear at every game or their team might lose. (Some sports fans do the same thing!) Other

How to Select the Right Shapewear for a Full Figure

Just because you’re full-figured doesn’t mean you want to look dumpy, slouchy or plump on your hot date. We totally understand that full-figured women want to look their best, whether they’re out on the town or in that important office meeting! Whether we like it or not, other people judge us based on how we

Shaping, Mad Men-Style

Last week, we talked about some fabulous bras to complement your Mad Men style and give you the type of shaping that really evokes images of that era. Today, we’re going to talk about shaping – Mad Men-style! Most women in this era weren’t naturally hourglass-shaped any more than women are today, but many women

Make the Most of Your Shape to Look Sexy and Feel Confident

As women, we’re under a lot of pressure to conform to certain standards and have our bodies look a certain way. We’re constantly bombarded by magazines showing thin and shapely models, and the actresses in movies and TV shows are mostly thin and gorgeous, too. If we don’t look like that, it can be really