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Tips for Coping with Sunburn

This weekend was the first big beach weekend for many people around the country, and that brings us to something that seems to happen at the first good outdoor trip every summer: sunburn. Maybe you forgot to apply sunscreen at all, and have a raw, painful sunburn. Or maybe you did apply sunscreen, but missed

Happy Memorial Day from Big Girls’ Bras!

Memorial Day is traditionally the first beach weekend of the year, and we’ve been focusing on helping you get ready for it. But it’s more than a beach weekend – Memorial Day is really about remembering the men and women who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. While you’re chilling out

Beach Tips and Gear for Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, and that means it’s the inaugural beach outing for many people around the country! What does a trip to the beach typically entail for you? A faded but trusty beach towel and a stack of paperbacks? A lounge chair or hammock and an umbrella for shade? Whether you’re a

Simple Bra, or Symbol of Women’s Health Issues?

Today here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’re going to take a short break from educating you about the best bras and swimsuits to raise awareness about an important issue. Women’s health issues have become a source of conflict on a national level, with individuals and groups lobbying against women’s health organizations and attempting to dictate

Britney Spears Wore a $20,000 Sports Bra!

How do celebrities look as good as they do? Part of it may be their smokin’ bodies, but it’s also partially about what they wear. And Britney Spears has outdone herself by wearing a $20,000 sports bra on a Twister dance-off ad. Have you seen it? What do you think – would you pay $20,000