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Our First Friday Q&A!

We here at Big Girls Bras love to help out our shoppers with all of the information we’ve accumulated through our 15 years in business! We’re happy to help you when you reach out to us via social media, such as our Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages, and we strive to provide you with useful

Come Visit Big Girls Bras on Facebook!

Are you on Facebook? Big Girls Bras has a Facebook page, which we love to use to connect with our shoppers and fans! Whether you’re looking for a little humor about the challenges of being a woman, the latest news about our hottest swim fashions, early announcements about our fabulous sales, or even someone to

Do You Know How to Find the Bras You Love?

One of the most common requests we get on our Big Girls Bras Facebook page is info about a particular bra that is either no longer in stock, or the manufacturer no longer makes. Unfortunately, this is a sad fact of life: most of the time, when you find a bra you love, it has

How Often to Replace Bras

The question of how often to replace bras is important. When you’ve worn a bra for too long, it can lose its shape and fit and may not provide adequate support.