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Canada’s BRA Day Addresses Emotional Challenges for Breast Cancer Survivors

Tomorrow is the first BRA Day in Canada. BRA Day, which stands for Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day, is designed to raise awareness and provide education for women who have survived breast cancer. Approximately 45,000 mastectomies were performed on Canadian women in 2010, and 92 percent of those women did not pursue breast reconstruction surgery. BRA Day is designed to raise awareness of reconstruction options for mastectomy patients.

Based on this statistical evidence, the vast majority of women who undergo mastectomies do not pursue reconstructive surgery. But a mastectomy often leads to emotional challenges for survivors. Canada’s BRA Day prompts us to look at other options to help mastectomy survivors address these challenges.

Mastectomies Lead to Emotional Challenges
Many women – even most women – who undergo a mastectomy face self-confidence and self-esteem issues after the surgery. Our society places a huge emphasis on a woman’s physical appearance, and many women who undergo a single or even double mastectomy worry that they won’t fit that paradigm of physical attractiveness anymore. Women who are left with asymmetrical breasts, or no breasts at all, feel that they won’t be seen as attractive and that it will impact the way people treat them, as well as their personal relationships. This is a perfectly normal worry, and the emotional challenge that it represents is significant.

Mastectomy Bras can Help
For women who aren’t candidates of reconstructive surgery, choose not to undergo reconstructive surgery or are waiting for reconstructive surgery, mastectomy bras can help mitigate the impact of a mastectomy. Many mastectomy bras offer built-in padding, or are specially designed to accommodate padding inserts. Many of these bras are meant to be customizable so you can add the amount of padding you need to each cup; a very helpful design sensibility for women who may have asymmetrical breasts after undergoing a mastectomy.

Some of our post-surgery bras are designed for comfort

Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we carry many types of inserts and breast forms to help you fill out your mastectomy bra, and help you look and feel more natural and comfortable after your surgery. We have a couple of different types of mastectomy bras to fit your needs, whether you’re just recovering from surgery or are looking for something that offers more cosmetic assistance. Some of our medical and mastectomy bras are more medical-oriented bras, designed to help keep you comfortable and secure as you recover after surgery. We also have prosthesis bras, designed to help mitigate the outward effects of a mastectomy procedure.

Our prosthesis bras can help you feel more confident after a mastectomy

Our mastectomy bras also run the gamut in terms of bra design. Some of our mastectomy bras feature simple designs more focused on comfort and functionality than ascetics. But we also have some feminine, sexy mastectomy bras; bras that feature embroidery, embellished straps, feminine lace; the type of bras you may have been accustomed to wearing before a mastectomy. Some women don’t want to wear sexy bras after a mastectomy, instead choosing to focus on the recovery or minimize the loss of a mastectomy. Other women want to be reminded that they’re still sexy, and they can still wear sexy underwear and clothes – even after surviving breast cancer.

Whether you’re not going to have reconstructive surgery, or you’re waiting for your reconstructive surgery to happen, we here at Big Girls’ Bras understand how important it is to find the right post-mastectomy bra. Browse our selection to find a style that suits your needs and sensibilities, whatever those might be.

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