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Can a Bra Really Change Your Life?

Most of us think of bras as little more than a necessary part of our daily wardrobe. We usually only think about bras when we have to buy new ones, or when they’re uncomfortable. But what many women don’t realize is that the right bra really can have a dramatic impact on your life; far beyond that of a simple wardrobe component. For some women, the right bra really can change their lives. Are you one of these women? Are you in need of a bra makeover?

Breast Reduction Surgery – or a New Bra?
When I sat down with Frederika Zappe, fit expert for Eveden, one of the things she said about bras really surprised me: she said that a properly fitted bra can actually negate the desire that some women feel to undergo surgery for breast reduction or enhancement.

She told me about one woman who was on the verge of breast reduction surgery; as it turned out, all she really needed was the right bra! A minimizer bra had changed her shape and size enough that she was comfortable with her appearance, had an easier time finding clothes that fit, and opted not to have surgery after all. All because of a properly-fitted bra in an appropriate style!

Improve Your Cleavage with the Right Bra
As a bra can reduce, so can it enhance. If you’ve been thinking of getting breast augmentation, try some cleavage bras, instead. Push up bras or padded bras can easily add a cup size – or more – to your cleavage. This can provide a much cheaper, and less permanent, alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Look Slimmer with the Right Bra
We’ve talked about bra fit a lot here at Big Girls’ Bras, but that’s because 4 out of every 5 women wears the wrong bra size! The appropriate bra in the right size can instantly take 10 pounds off your appearance by offering the proper support and shaping. Your clothes will fit differently and you’ll look thinner and feel more confident.

Be More Comfortable with the Right Bra
The wrong bra, or a bra in the wrong size, can be extremely uncomfortable! The woman that Frederika Zappe told me about was having a great deal of discomfort due to her large, heavy breasts and her inability to find an appropriate bra to give her the support she needed. With the right bra, her pain was gone – no more muscle-tension headaches, no more pain in her shoulders and neck and no more pain in her back. The right bra in the right size can eliminate pain for the big-busted among us, and can also eliminate other common causes of discomfort, such as boning or underwire digging into you.

The long and short of it is that finding the right bra really does have a truly transformative power. You’ll feel better and look better, and that will enhance your confidence. You’ll find that changing other parts of your life. If you’re unhappy with your body, try having a bra fitting, and work on finding a style that fits and flatters. It’s a fast, easy way to make big changes in the way you look and feel – without having to undergo surgery or deal with discomfort because of ill-fitting bras!

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