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Should You Buy a Swimsuit at the End of the Season?


With the end of summer just around the corner, there are deals and closeouts aplenty popping up on swimwear everywhere you turn. If you love a good deal but aren’t sure whether you should pull the trigger and buy a new swimsuit so late in the season, we’re here to help! Find out more about the arguments for and against buying a swimsuit late in the season so you can decide whether now’s the right time for you to splurge on a new swimsuit!

Do Your Swimsuits Tend to Last a Few Years?
Are you the kind of person who tends to wear a swimsuit for a few years until it’s too faded, torn or stretched to take out to the beach or pool one more time? If so, you’re probably not so concerned about getting the latest fashions – and there’s really no argument against buying a swimsuit late in the season. If you wear a swimsuit till it won’t wear no more, now is a great time to buy your next new swimsuit!

(Pro tip: if you find a style you love and it fits you well, buy several. Then you can rotate them next year, and they’ll last a whole lot longer! Plus, if the style is discontinued, you won’t have to frantically search for something new and flattering – just keep wearing your extras until you finally run out!)

Do You Like to Wear the Latest Swimsuit Fashions?
The biggest argument against buying a swimsuit late in the season is if you’re someone who loves to wear the latest fashions. Some women feel self-conscious in last season’s swimsuit, or want to look up-to-date with the latest swimwear fashion trends. The swimsuits for 2014 will launch over the winter, and that’s the best time for you to start shopping for a flattering style you’ll love. You’ll spend more and you’ll miss out on some great deals, but if you’re all about the fashion, you won’t be happy with an end-of-season swimsuit purchase.

Are You Crazy about Good Deals?
The biggest argument in favor of buying a swimsuit at the end of the season is the great deals! If you don’t care as much about sporting the latest fashions, now is the perfect time of year to invest in your new swimsuit. Retailers are closing out last season’s swimsuits, and you can find swimwear at insanely low prices as retailers clear out space in the warehouse. Here at Big Girls Bras, we have closeout swimsuits for as little as $6 for some pieces! Browse our entire swimsuit collection to see what’s on crazy good sale and snag a killer deal.

Keep in mind, though, that if you’re shopping end of season closeouts to get a good deal, you may have trouble finding swimsuits in certain sizes. Most closeout sales are only a final few pieces, and they tend to be in odd sizes. Be persistent and browse everything to find the great deals and stock up your swimwear closet for next season!

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