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Britney Spears Wore a $20,000 Sports Bra!

How do celebrities look as good as they do? Part of it may be their smokin’ bodies, but it’s also partially about what they wear. And Britney Spears has outdone herself by wearing a $20,000 sports bra on a Twister dance-off ad. Have you seen it? What do you think – would you pay $20,000 for it?

It has an 18k gold zipper and Swarovski crystals, and apparently it also comes with an 18k gold removable tassel that has diamond-eye skulls. Britney opted not to wear this in the commercial.

Let’s be real – most of us will never be buying a $20,000 sports bra. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look hot when you’re working out. If you want to look great in your sports bra, we’ve got some fabulous new options by some of our favorite sports bra designers to help you capture whatever look you’re trying to create. And none of these will cost you $20,000!

Champion has come out with several new sports bras that have cute style details and are designed to make you look sporty and fun when you work out.

The Champion Seamless Cami Bra 2906 has a fun cami design that makes it cute to wear as an exercise top. You’ll feel flirty and feminine in this great cami sports bra – which might be perfect to wear to your co-ed gym or out running if you want to catch a hot guy’s attention.


The Champion Seamless Reversible Bra 2961 is another great, fun sports bra option. Bra is reversible and seam-free, which means you can wear it either way and look great – plus it gives you two different looks so you can wear it more than once without looking like you’re wearing the same bra!


If you’re looking for more support in a fun, sporty style, check out the new Champion Spot Comfort High Support Bra 7917. This sports bra is great for higher impact exercise, and offers mesh panels for ventilation. Sporty style means you can rock it while you’re out jogging and look like a serious – but fun – exercise aficionado.


Leaving the Champion line, the Moving Comfort Charity Subtle Contour Sports Bra 350029 offers subtle contour-shape cups to keep you looking good, and flattering front shaped seams that help highlight your assets even while providing compression and encapsulation to keep them firmly in place. Flattering style makes it a fun bra to wear out and about.

If you want something a little different, where the flattery is in the detailing and the unique cut, check out the Marie Jo Action Arrow Soft Cup Sports Bra 0150018. This soft cup sports bra is great for low-impact activities, like yoga. It moves with you and offers some of the best freedom of movement that you’ll find. And the flattering detailing makes this bra a great alternative to the sportier styles, giving this an air of femininity.

Check out our full sports bra collection to find just the right look for you – and treat yourself to a sports bra that will have you looking great without having to take out a second mortgage on your home!

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