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Bring Back Your Favorite Skirt or Slacks with Our Longlegs Shapers

Longlegs shapers are exactly what you want when you’re wearing a snug skirt or a pair of slacks and you want to prevent unsightly bulges. Longlegs shapers don’t stop at the pantyline like most tummy trimmers; instead, they extend the shaping down your leg and offer hip and thigh control. Longlegs shapers range from a few inches below the pantyline, to below the knee, depending on the style. If you’ve got a great hip-hugging skirt or executive suit slacks that are a little too snug or bulging in the wrong places, longlegs shapers are exactly what you want!

Rago Diet Minded Panty Girdle with Zipper 6228
The Rago Diet Minded Panty Girdle with Zipper 6228 is part control panty/girdle, and part longlegs shaper. The high waist prevents the dreaded muffin-top and provides great tummy-flattering control, and the longer legs are great for snug skirts and dresses where you don’t want a visible panty liner. Our shoppers rate this longleg shaper as a bit heavy for everyday wear, but perfect for select outfits where shaping really matters. I’d rate this a mid-level shaper in terms of support.

Rago Diet Minded Pants Liner Mid Calf 6265
Something like the Rago Diet Minded Pants Liner Mid Calf 6265, on the other hand, is designed for casual or frequent wear. This mid-thigh pants liner provides support and shaping all the way down to the calves, eliminating visible panty line and unsightly bulges in the thighs, hips and rear. This longleg shaper features tummy shaping and an interlock diamond panel for thigh contour, and a gripper stretch lace bottom that won’t ride up. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a shaper to wear under pants, and isn’t too heavy-duty.

Venus Zipper Strong Control Girdle 5033
If heavy duty is what you want, on the other hand, try the Venus Zipper Strong Control Girdle 5033. This strong control girdle provides more support and shaping than a casual girdle, and goes down below mid-thigh to provide good control and help reduce bulging. With sizes up to 7x, this shaper is great for fuller-figured women. It’s a perfect choice for wearing under pants or snug skirts, and the side zipper makes it easier to get on and off – no more struggling to pull it high enough or get it over wide thighs.

Venus Comfort Control Panty
If all day comfort is on your mind, and shaping is less of a concern, go for the Venus Comfort Control Panty. This great longleg control panty shaper provides light shaping and toning – basically it’ll prevent any unsightly “jiggling” and can help smooth your silhouette if you’ve got a love-handle wrinkle or other minor blemish you want to disguise. It’s designed for all-day comfort, day-in, day-out – great for office wear. It’s also one of the most affordable longleg shapers we carry, and it’s currently on sale, making it an even better value!

This is just a small sampling of our longlegs shaper options. Check out our full selection for other great designers, to find the perfect amount of shaping for you!

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