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Breast Separation: What’s the Right Bra for You?

Statistics don’t lie – 4 out of every 5 women are wearing the wrong bra size. Most of the time, it’s because women don’t really know how a bra is supposed to fit! We see pictures of pretty bras on models and think that’s what we’re supposed to look like, when in reality, these models may be committing major fashion faux pas. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the most controversial elements of bra fit: breast separation.

Don’t Believe the Pictures!
Last week, we posted some pictures from a Very Successful major bra retailer that showed bras improperly fitting the women wearing them! One of the major bra faux pas they were committing was that the breasts were touching in some of the styles. This is a common feature in poorly-designed cleavage bras; they push the breasts up and toward one another so that they’re touching to create a more rounded shape and make the breasts seem more luscious. But breasts aren’t meant to do that!

What’s the Proper Degree of Breast Separation?
A properly fitted bra should have your breasts separated from one another. The center gore of the bra should rest between the breasts against your chest. If your bra fits like this, your bra band should lie flush against your body all the way around. That’s how it’s supposed to fit!

One of our top-selling bras, the Panache Tango Plunge Bra 3256, shows a perfect example of how a bra is supposed to fit. Take a look at the center gore, where the bow is – it’s resting flat against her body between her breasts. The bra band is where most of the bra’s support comes from. If your bra band isn’t resting flush against your body, like it is in this picture, it may not be providing the support, which means your bra straps are going to have to take up the slack. That can cause discomfort, and over time, you may even experience deformation! So this is absolutely how you want your bra to fit.

Not all breasts are alike. Some breasts are naturally closer together than other breasts. If you have breasts that almost touch naturally, you can still wear a properly fitted bra. Something like the Freya Lacey Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra AA4791 is a great example of how naturally-touching breasts can still be properly supported. This balcony bra is designed with a lower center gore in the front, and much of the lift, support and shaping comes from the side slings and powernet wings. Even though these breasts are naturally close together and almost touching – they’re not. That’s because this bra fits properly!

This is the kind of thing you should be looking for when it comes to breast separation. If your breasts are naturally wider-set, look for a center gore that fits well with your breast separation. If your breasts are naturally closer together, a lower or smaller center gore can still fit your body and give your breasts the support you need! Don’t be drawn in by pictures of touching cleavage. If it’s touching, the bra doesn’t fit properly!

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