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Bras to Help with Posture

Bras to help with posture aren’t a concoction of sci-fi or a thing of the future – they’re here today to help large-busted and full-figured women. If you’ve got a full bust, you know that the wrong bra can leave you hunched over and dealing with back, shoulder and neck pain, as well as headaches. Bras that fit properly can go a long way toward relieving those symptoms, but they’re not a cure-all. Luckily, bras that help improve posture do exist, and they can relieve your back pain and give you a healthy, trim figure.

Bras That Help with Posture
Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’ve got a selection of bras that help with posture in our posture bra collection. Our posture bras come from several brands, with designers that integrate thoughtful details to provide support and help shape your figure and your posture.

A posture bra with back support, for example, may have an integrated support structure that keeps the weight of your bust off your shoulders and back, and squarely supported by the bra itself. When you look at a posture bra with back support, you’ll see things like back control panels, leotard back or other useful back features.

Styles of Posture Bras
Like other types of bras, posture bras come in a wide range of styles that cater to women who want different things from their bras. One of the most popular posture bra style is a longline posture bra. A longline bra distributes the weight of your bust evenly over the entire structure, instead of relying on your shoulders and back to take the weight of your bust. These bras inherently require you to hold yourself more erect and not slouch, which helps with bra support, reducing back pain and creating a slimmer, more flattering silhouette.

You can also find posture bras in other styles. You might want a bra front hook posture support design, like the Elila Front Hook Posture Bra, to make it easy to take the bra on and off or just because you prefer the style. If you’re looking for a t-shirt bra to improve posture, you might try something like the Curvation Underwire Posture Bra, which has smooth, seamless cups and would look great under a t-shirt or other form-fitting clothing. Posture bras come in a broad range of styles to appeal to women who prefer all styles of bras.

Proper Fit can Improve Your Posture
Fit is a vital element of any bra. If you’re wondering how to improve posture, bra fit is the key to making a world of difference in your life. The right fit even on a regular bra can improve your posture drastically, as poor fit can cause your bust to sag and place pressure on your shoulders and back, pulling your whole body forward. Make sure your bra fits properly, whether you’re wearing a bra to help with posture or a regular bra that has no posture support elements.

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