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Bras Tell the Story of Your Life

Cups is a solo show written by Joni Sheram and currently being performed by actress Gwynyth Walsh in Miami. In it, she tells the story of her life through anecdotes about the various bras that she has worn. Sheram died nearly a year ago of breast cancer, and the character in her play is a tribute to her mother and grandmother – but will resonate to any woman who has ever worn a bra. This play is a timely, humorous and thoughtful reminder that bras tell the story of our lives. As we progress through the stages of our lives, we may change from one bra style to another, and our bra needs will change, too. Take a moment to think about how your bras tell the story of your life.

The First Training Bra
Your first training bra is a memorable occasion in your life. It usually comes at a time when our bodies are changing, we’re being flooded with new hormones and we’re insecure about everything that’s going on. Some girls view a training bra as a right of passage, and can’t wait to get their first one; even if they don’t quite need it yet. Other girls fear the idea of growing up, and the changes to their body that a training bra heralds, and put off getting one as long as possible.

No matter which camp you fall into, you probably still remember today the first time your mom took you to Macy’s or your local department store to pick out your first training bra, and it began a long relationship with bras that will last the rest of your life.

General Bras

After leaving the world of training bras, you enter a bra wonderland – filled with dozens of types of bras that come in literally hundreds of styles. T-shirt bras, balcony bras, demi bras, plunge bras, shelf bras, strapless bras, push-up bras; the selection seems virtually endless. You can choose from stolid or sexy, and you’ll probably go through many bra styles and phases through your lifetime.

Pregnancy and Nursing Bras
When you become a mother, you switch to pregnancy and nursing bras. These bras are designed with bigger cups to accommodate the swelling of your breasts, and most are designed to be comfortable and functional while you’re pregnant and nursing. These bras mark the entry to the next phase in your life – motherhood.

Mastectomy and Medical Bras
Some women, unfortunately, find themselves needing mastectomy bras or medical bras at some point in their life. At this point, women are looking for something that is safe and comfortable to wear after medical treatment, and also something that can help them feel normal when they go out into the world. Needing this type of bra means that you’re a fighter and surviver, but that doesn’t also mean you can’t still look feminine and beautiful.

Full-Coverage and Full-Support Bras
As we age, our breasts lose shape and require more support; it’s a sad fact of life. When we get to this point, it’s time to look for full-coverage and full-support bras that can help us look our best and age gracefully. Some women take longer to reach this stage than others, but it’s something we all deal with at some point.

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