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Best Bras for Hot and Muggy Weather


It is hot, hot, hot in parts of the country right now, and here in the Northeast, it’s so humid that it feels like a swamp. Now seems like the perfect time to take a look at the best bras for hot and muggy weather! What do you look for in a hot, muggy weather bra? You want something moisture-wicking so it’ll take the moisture away from your skin, and bonus if it’s a light, breathable fabric that won’t smother you on a hot day. These are a few of our top bra picks for hot and muggy weather:

Freya Active Underwire Sports Bra AA4392
This Freya Active Underwire Sports Bra scores high for hot and muggy weather. This bra, as with many of the Freya sports bras, is made with CoolMax fabric – a special moisture-wicking fabric blend that’s designed to transport moisture away and keep you cool and feeling refreshed. The underwire design keeps your bust off your chest wall, preventing sweat build up under the breasts. This bra lifts and supports without compression, which means that although it’s a sports bra, it’s suitable for everyday wear – it doesn’t squish your bust or give you the dreaded uni-boob.

Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra 8040
This is one of my personal favorite hot and muggy weather bras. The Elomi Energise underwire sports bra is made with a thin, light fabric that breathes well and wicks moisture. When you get sweaty in this bra, it doesn’t magically vanish – but it does avoid feeling clammy and gross in the way of cotton fabrics when they get wet. Like the Freya sports bra above, this design encapsulates your breasts, giving you lift and separation that makes this bra suitable for everyday wear. As an added bonus, this bra dries super fast – so if you get sweaty and want to give it a quick wash, it’ll be ready to wear again in a few hours!

Elila Silver Fiber and Microfiber Sports Bra 1620
This Elila sports bra is designed for the fuller figured woman, with band sizes ranging from 36 to 46, and cups from D to H. The microfiber in this bra is moisture-wicking and breathable, making it great for hot weather. The silver component is one of the latest innovations in technical fabric – silver helps prevent bacterial growth and fight odor, which means that even if you do sweat, it’ll take a lot longer than a normal bra to get smelly and gross. The three-piece construction around the busts is designed to give you a more natural appearance and shape, but this bra is more sport-oriented – it’s not a uni-boob bra but it may not look as natural as a regular everyday bra. But it’s hard to beat this bra if you just want to feel comfortable when it’s hot and humid outside!

Ultimately, what you want to look for in hot weather bras are light, breathable fabrics. You want to avoid things like padded bras, and most molded cup bras, as these fabrics tend to be thicker and not as breathable, and they’ll trap the heat inside the bra and turn it into a sauna. Add one of these bras to your wardrobe for the really unbearable days, and stay comfortable even in hot weather!

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