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What Do You Think of Bras in Commercials?


Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we follow all things bra-related! And one of the things we’ve run across lately is a bra commercial that has been banned in Australia! That got us thinking – how do women really feel about the way we’re portrayed in the media? How do you feel about bras in commercials? Do you think bra commercials are useful or helpful, or do you think they’re more about hooking men and sending them out to buy their wives/girlfriends a hot new bra? What are your thoughts on this topic?

Australian Lingerie Ad Banned for Being “Degrading and Demeaning to Women”
The ad that got us pondering about how women and lingerie are portrayed in the media is an Australian ad that got banned for being “degrading and demeaning to women.” The commercial was for an Australian lingerie chain, and it features a lingerie-clad woman walking up to a counter at a tire shop and asking the dazed sales guy “Can you fit me?”

Australia’s Advertising Standards Board received complaints that the ad was degrading, and that it included “a level of sexuality and nudity which is not appropriate.” The double entendre, skimpy attire and gawking men struck a nerve in the viewing audience. Complaints submitted to the board included things like:

The ad was discriminatory towards women and in very poor taste. It was highly inappropriate and had nothing to do with lingerie.

I thought it was an ad for the sex industry when I first saw it.

I feel the ad represents low level porn.

It objectifies women and makes them out to be a piece of meat.

The Advertising Standards Board reviewed the complaints and the ad, and found that it wasn’t precisely exploitative or degrading to women, it “failed to treat the issue of sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity.”

What do you think? Do you think an ad that depicts a woman walking into a tire store in a pair of lingerie, and being gawked at by the male workers, is demeaning or degrading to women? Does the double entendre bother you? Or do you think anything goes in advertising and media?

What do you think about how bras and lingerie are portrayed in commercials in general? Do you find bra commercials helpful? Do they make you want to buy bras? Or do you think they’re just for male enjoyment?

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