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Bras and Your Clothes

Does the bra size you wear affect the way your clothes fit? You bet it does! Bra size and fit play a huge role in how your clothes look on your body. Did you know that wearing the right size and bra fit can make you look like you’ve lost 20 pounds – or more? If you don’t know about the link between bra size and clothing fit, you’ve been missing out on a great way to enhance your appearance and make your body look smoking hot.

Bra Fit is Vital to Clothing Fit
First and foremost, wearing the right size bra is absolutely integral to how your clothes fit on your body. A bra that’s too big won’t flatter your breasts. Most women who wear bras that are too big find their bust drooping, floppy or otherwise not perky. The breasts can hang down farther than they should, making you look older and also emphasizing your belly or other curves in a very unflattering way.

When you wear the right bra size, your bust will be high, firm and perky. You’ll look and feel years younger. Even better, though, wearing the right bra size completely changes the way your clothes will look on your body. When you wear a bra that fits properly, your shirts will hang further away from your body over your bust and won’t drape your tummy or other problem areas in an unflattering way. Wearing the right bra size can literally make you look like you’ve dropped 20 pounds and 10 years.

Bras as Shapers
In addition to the correct bra size making a huge difference in the way your clothes fit, bras also serve as shapers that affect how your clothes look on your body. On a very basic level, you can choose from a more natural rounded cup to give you a smooth, curvy shape, or you may prefer a two-panel or three-panel cup for support that gives you a slightly different shape.

You can also choose smoothers, shapers or body briefers that shape not only your bust but your tummy and other parts of your body, too. Choose a bra that provides the shaping you want under your clothes. Shapers make a more drastic impact on how your clothes fit, and can help you disguise problem areas by providing smoothing and shaping on other parts of your body.

Types of Bras Affect Your Clothing Fit
Finally, the type of bra you wear affects how your clothing fits. Balcony bras, demi bras and padded bras provide different shaping under your clothes than underwire bras or more general bra fits.

You may find that you prefer the shaping of a more general or t-shirt bra under tight-fitting tops, but a balcony bra or demi bra may provide you better cleavage under a low-cut blouse. Experiment with different types of bras to see how they can make your clothing fit differently, and help you look your best no matter what you wear!

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