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Bras and Present-Day Society

Bra designers and manufacturers in today’s society face a host of different types of problems and challenges in bra manufacturing. Women today have come to desire many things from their bras; from bras that support an active lifestyle, to bras that look sexy and double as lingerie, to bras that provide support for big-busted women without looking like a “granny bra.” Women want smaller bras that don’t interfere with the lines of their clothes, but the average cup size is getting larger. And today’s attitude about bras is also conflicting, leading to confusion over what women really want and what designers are really offering.

Fashion vs. Comfort
Fashion versus comfort is one of the biggest dichotomies that today’s bra designers face. For the past 15 years, bra marketing has been focused more on the way a bra looks and its appeal to “fashion” than its form and functionality. The precursor to the bra – the corset – forced women to endure some uncomfortable device to comply with the ideal of beauty from that time period. Today, women face the same problem in their bras – to find the perfect bra to help them look their best, regardless of comfort – but they’re even pressured to make the bra itself sexy and fashionable.

Women are starting to argue back, though. The trend is moving more toward comfort again, as more and more women look for bras that fit well, provide the support they need and don’t dig into their skin or cause sore sports. In today’s world of online reviews, it’s easy to find out how a bra fits and whether it has any known issues. Which makes the job even more difficult for manufacturers, as they’re now expected to make a bra look good, make the woman look good, and make the bra comfortable. It’s a tall order, but designers are stepping up to deliver!

The Anti-Bra Movement
Since feminism began, there has always been some undercurrent of an anti-bra movement. Feminists have urged women to forego bras, as they represent a symbol of oppression. But now the anti-bra movement has spread among people who find bras uncomfortable, and people who are uninformed about the benefits of bras or are misinformed about the health risks of bras.

The anti-bra movement is, unfortunately, spreading a lot of misinformation about wearing a bra; such as the false idea that a bra can be dangerous to your health by causing breast cancer, or that it can reduce the elasticity of the ligaments in your breasts and make them droopy (when, in fact, bras actually help protect the ligaments). Many of the women involved in today’s anti-bra movement are misinformed or operating under incorrect assumptions about wearing a bra, and suffer a big disadvantage.

Support for Big-Busted Women
As body mass increases and bust size increases, more and more women are looking for their bras to offer the support they need. If you’ve got a big bust, you know that bras that don’t offer the right support can cause physical discomfort, and that the bust itself may become uncomfortable without support. Finding a supportive bra if you’ve got a big bust is crucial, and luckily today’s designers offer a full range of supportive bras for big-busted women. The diversity in today’s bra industry is really advantageous for the women who wear them!

Bras for Big-Busted Women Provide Extra Support

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