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Brand Highlight: Empreinte Bras


For this week’s brand highlight, we’re taking a look at one of our top-tier, high-end bra brands: Empreinte bras. The price point is high, so many women dismiss these bras without even considering them, but our shoppers who do buy them absolutely love them. If you’ve been avoiding an Empreinte bra because of the pricing, now is a great time to revisit this brand and find out what you get when you invest in a truly exquisite bra.

What You Need to Know about Empreinte Bras
Empreinte bras are one of the few bras that are designed from the ground up to fit full-figured and full-busted women. With band sizes up to 48 and cup sizes up to H, Empreinte offers bras that are specially created to offer the support and shaping that fuller breasts require. Empreinte does it, though, with a high-fashion sensibility, using exquisite, high-quality materials. Empreinte bras are top-tier – come find out why this brand is among our favorite high-end bras.

Empreinte bras are designed from the ground up to provide more support and shaping for the full-busted woman. Empreinte specializes in materials that offer better support and fit; tulle, lace or microfiber instead of elastine for the cups (fabrics that don’t stretch); a full, closed underwire, unlike thin underwires used by some value brands; back band fabric that has an elasticity of only 100%, unlike the industry standard of 140% (which is too much stretch to properly support a full bust); and shoulder straps that have very limited elasticity – 30% compared to the 50% industry standard. Every facet of Empreinte’s design is about providing proper fit for the full-busted woman.

Empreinte’s sizing ranges from 32 to 48 band sizes, and cup sizes from C all the way up to H in some sizes. When you compare Empreinte sizing with other brands, it’s comparable with Prima Donna – it’s more similar to European sizing than standard U.S. sizing. Make sure you consult our size comparison chart before you shop for your new Empreinte bra.

Empreinte is one of our high-end brands, and the prices definitely reflect this status. Our Empreinte bras start at $115, and they go up to $181 for some styles and sizes. What you get at this price point, though, is a truly exceptional bra. Empreinte started out over 60 years ago, creating girdles for the women of Europe. Today, they offer beautiful, high-fashion bras constructed with the highest quality materials.

Empreinte categorizes their styles in three ways: “seduction,” “daily refinement,” and “basics.” Here at Big Girls Bras, we carry Empreinte bra styles that are good for a night out, for a daily wardrobe staple, or for a night in with the special someone. Each style features Empreinte’s attention to detail and exquisite finish – even the everyday bras.

Check Out These Top Empreinte Bras
Our selection of Empreinte bras is small, but we can’t pick just one – we love them all! So instead of calling out a specific Empreinte bra, we invite you to browse our Empreinte bras to find the style that’s best suited to your needs.

Take the plunge. Treat yourself to a truly high-end bra, and find out why our shoppers rate these Empreinte bras so highly!

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