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Brand Highlight: Elila Bras


For this week’s brand highlight, we’re taking a look at Elila bras. Full-figured and full-busted ladies – this one is for you! Elila specializes in full-busted, full-figured styles that look great and offer feminine features. This brand is definitely a favorite with our plus size shoppers. If you haven’t already tried an Elila bra, now is the time – discover why so many women love this comfortable, feminine brand!

What You Need to Know about Elila Bras
Elila bras are favorites among full-busted and full-figured women: for good reason. Here are the basics of fit, sizing, value and style so you can see why so many women love these great bras.

The reason so many full-figured and full-busted women rave about Elila bras is because of the fit. Elila is one of the few bra brands designed from the ground up just for full-busted and full-figured gals, and it shows in the fit. The only cons are that some of the bra styles may work best for women with a certain breast tissue distribution, so there may feel like “extra” fabric in certain spots depending on the way your breasts are shaped. This can usually be corrected by swapping to a different style.

Elila’s sizing is consistent with some of our other European brands, such as Conturelle,Chantelle and Anita. Elila bra cups go to D, then E, F, G – the UK equivalents of DD, DDD and DDDD here in the US. Make sure you check your sizing based on Elila’s size charts to ensure you get the appropriate band and cup size – otherwise you may find the fit or sizing to be different from your normal sizing.

Elila bras tend to run the middle of the road in pricing based on other brands we carry here at Big Girls Bras. Most Elila bras are in the $35 to $50 range, with a few specialty bras coming in the $60s range with added functionality, enhanced fabrics or additional design features.

Elila bras feature styles that are focused on support for the full-busted – without compromising comfort. Because Elila is all about the full-busted, its bras tend to be full coverage – you won’t find a push-up or demi cup style. Some of the cups are cut lower in the front, so take a look at cut if you’re worried about a bra that’s too high under your tops.

Check Out These Top Elila Bras
Honestly, you can’t go wrong with an Elila bra. Our most popular Elila bra is probably the Elila Jacquard Soft Cup Bra 1305, which has over 70 reviews from our shoppers – they rate it as comfortable (51), with good coverage (61) and good support (55). Most would recommend to a friend, and it’s great for wearing everyday, at the office or around the house.

Really, though, all of our Elila bras are great – so take a look at this brand and discover the style and fit you’ll love!

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