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Brand Highlight: Dominique Bras


Today we’re going to explore one of the best-kept secrets in the bra brand arena: Dominique bras! Dominique bras are great for everyday wear, and they also excel at making special occasion bras that actually work well! (The strapless bra I wore under my wedding dress was a Dominique bra – I should know!) If you don’t know about this awesome brand, read on, because you are definitely missing out!

What You Need to Know about Dominique Bras
Dominique bras offer a great value for women who are looking for everyday bras to wear to the office or even around the house, or women who want a strapless bra, longline bra or torsolette for a special occasion. Dominique is versatile with a fair number of styles, and the bras offer a great blend of fit and making you look GOOD that women just seem to love!

In general, our reviewers find that Dominique bras feel true to size, so as long as you’re shopping for your accurate bra size, you should find Dominique a good fit! Most of our shoppers love the way Dominique bras fit – they provide good support, and the torsolettes in particular are very well received for formal occasions.

Dominique’s sizing straddles the line between US and UK sizing. For example, with Dominique, a DD is either listed as a DD or an E – DD being the US standard and E being a UK size. The same thing goes with DDD/F – Dominique’s bras go to F when you get into the DDD size range. Dominique offers plus sizing in some styles with band sizes up to 48, although most of the bras offer cup sizes only in the D/F range. (We do have a couple of Dominique bras up to G, though, if you’re looking for larger cup sizes!)

Dominique is one of our most versatile bra brands in terms of value, with some Dominique bras starting at only $29, some in the middle range of $49 to $59, and a few pieces at $60 and up. In general, with Dominique you’re not paying a “premium” for the brand name as much as with some other bra brands, so Dominique bras are a good value. However, the lower cost does come with a tradeoff – your Dominique bras are made with more everyday materials, and may not last as long as some of our high-end bra brands.

Dominique offers a wide variety of styles – everything from strapless bras to molded bras to underwire bras and soft cups – even torsolettes and longline bras for formal occasions! Most of Dominique’s bra styles are tailored around everyday or special occasion wear.

Check Out These Top Dominique Bras
Dominique bras come in a wide array of styles so it’s hard to choose the best one! So instead we’re letting our shoppers pick for us: here are some of the most- and best-reviewed Dominique bras we offer:

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to give Dominique bras a try and discover your new favorite brand!

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