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Brand Highlight: Carnival Bras


Are you brand-loyal when it comes to bras? Do you love the way a certain brand fits, or the way the bras are constructed? Or is it a case where the price is right? Most of us have our favorites, but for the next few weeks, we’ll be doing a weekly brand highlight to help you expand your horizons and find a new favorite. For this week’s brand highlight, we’re taking a look at Carnival bras – a great brand that offers some versatile styles that won’t break the bank!

What You Need to Know about Carnival Bras
Carnival bras are great for women who don’t want to spend a ton on comfortable everyday or special occasion bras.

Most of our shoppers say that Carnival fits true-to-size. Occasionally, someone has trouble with a cup size feeling too small, but that’s uncommon. Make sure you’re properly sized when you buy, and you should be able to fit your standard size. Carnival’s fit is better for women with smaller busts, as these bras tend to be a blend of comfort and moderate support.

When it comes to size, Carnival bra sizing is consistent with standard U.S. sizing. Unfortunately for the full-busted, Carnival bras only come in A, B, C, D, with some styles also offering DD and DDD. If you wear larger than a DDD (F in European sizing) – Carnival probably isn’t the brand for you.

Carnival is one of our best bra brands when it comes to value. The average Carnival bra ranges from $20 to $30 – a steal compared with some of our higher-end European brands that start at $60+ per bra. Specialty bras from Carnival tend to range from around $40 to $65, with a few outside that range with special design features or construction.

Carnival’s bras are focused on comfort and functionality. The styles are simple, but cover pretty much every need – from everyday comfort to seamless bras, plunge bras, longline bras and strapless bras. Many of Carnival’s fabrics feature lacy embellishment and simple detailing.

Check Out These Top Carnival Bras
Carnival’s push-up bras are popular, with two of our top Carnival picks being push-up styles:

These are our top Carnival push-up styles in both a molded, seamless design for under t-shirts and form-fitted tops, and a two-part cup to add support and shaping when seams don’t matter under your clothes. If you’re looking for a low-cost way to enhance your bust, this is it!

If you’re full-figured and comfort is your main focus, consider the Carnival Full Figure Camisole Shoulder Soft Cup Bra 620. This soft-cup bra is all about comfort, with wide straps and a soft fabric that feels smooth against your skin. The two-part cups offer support and shaping, but the style is a little on the pointy side, so if you want a more rounded shape, you might prefer something like the Carnival Full Figure Glamour Invisible Strapless Hidden Underwire Bra 126.

Try out a Carnival bra, and discover a new favorite!

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