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Brand Highlight: Aviana Bras


For today’s brand highlight, we’re taking a look at an underserved market – full-busted and full-figured women. Whether you shop in the plus-size clothing section, or you’ve just got a large bust and have a hard time finding bras that fit, Aviana bras are made specifically with you in mind!

What You Need to Know about Aviana Bras
Aviana is a bra brand designed specifically for full-figured and full-busted women. Because this is a brand designed for full-figured and full-busted girls, Aviana pays a lot of attention to details like cushioned straps, wide straps and a good wide band. These bras are great for women who have trouble finding a bra that just fits – particularly in larger sizes.

Most of our Aviana bra shoppers report that the fit is true to size. However, a few women have had trouble with the cups feeling too big, or the band feeling too big. If you’re not sure about your size or fit, please follow our fit guidelines to find out what bra size you should be wearing. 4 out of every 5 women are wearing the wrong bra size – typically a cup that’s too small with a band that’s too large – and this problem is compounded in the larger sizes. So make sure you’re shopping for the right size, and you should find that Aviana bras fit well!

Aviana bras are sized according to European sizing, which means that when you get to DD, Aviana bras are E, and when you get to DDD, you’d wear an F in Aviana. Once you hit G, though, Aviana sizing is once again consistent with Standard U.S. sizing. Aviana offers a very versatile sizing collection, with band sizes up to 56 and cup sizes up to K – great news for those fuller-busted women!

Aviana bras are completely affordable, priced at the very mid-range compared to the rest of our bras. All of our Aviana bras are in the $45 to $55 range, which makes it very affordable – especially when you consider the difficulty of finding large cup sizes and large band sizes.

Aviana bras are geared toward everyday wear, so you’ll find the styles you’d expect in an everyday wardrobe. Aviana offers a seamless molded bra for wear under t-shirts and other form-fitted tops, and the Aviana lineup also includes several minimizer bras to help out the full busted ladies. Aviana also offers both soft cup and underwire bras, so if you prefer one or the other for comfort or support, Aviana’s got you covered!

Check Out Our Favorite Aviana Bras!
We love Aviana bras – and so do our shoppers! It’s hard to pick just one, so we’ll highlight one of each type to get you started:

Don’t just take our word for it – if you’re a full-figured or full-busted woman, you owe it to yourself to browse our complete selection of Aviana bras and find out if this great brand is right for you!

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