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Brand Highlight: Anita Bras


Have you ever had a bra brand that you’ve just loved, and you stick by it almost religiously because it always fits properly and provides flattering, comfortable styles that totally work for your body? We love when that happens! Join us today as we take a look at one of our favorite brands of all time: Anita! Anita bras are made for women of all shapes and sizes, and they’re some of the most comfortable and supportive bras we’ve ever encountered. Have you ever tried on an Anita bra? If not, you’re really missing out!

What You Need to Know about Anita Bras
Anita is truly one of the most versatile bra brands we carry here at Big Girls Bras. They offer everything from soft cup bras to seamless underwire, high impact sports bras, prosthesis bras, maternity bras – and more. Find out why we love Anita bras so much!

Anita bra fit varies depending on the style and purpose of the bra. Anita offers plus size bras, full-figured bras and specialty sizes to accommodate women of every size and shape. Anita bras are universally acclaimed for being comfortable and supportive – these are the two main hallmarks of Anita bras, and that makes these some pretty awesome bras!

Anita bra sizing is consistent with our European brands, such as Chantelle, Conturelle, Elila, Marie Jo and Prima Donna. This means that Anita bra sizes go from D to E and F – the UK equivalents of DD, DDD here in the US. For specific sizing notes, check out the reviews for Anita styles – they tend to run fairly true to size, although some of our shoppers may have notes about sizing or fit for specific styles.

Anita bra prices tend to hover in the mid-range to upper-mid-range compared to our other bras. Some of our Anita bras start in the mid-$30s, although most of them are in the $55 to $70 range, with a few of the more high-end styles coming in at $80+. Anita offers a versatile lineup, and the pricing reflects that.

Anita is a brand that really does offer something for everyone, and their styles reflect that. Anita offers everything from sports bras to prosthesis bras to everyday bras, nursing bras, sexy lingerie – they really do offer it all. If you try on an Anita bra and like the way it fits your body, you can most likely go the rest of your life wearing nothing but Anita because they offer such a wide range of styles!

Check Out These Top Anita Bras
Anita really does have a ton of great bras – so many that we couldn’t pick just one to feature! So instead, here is a selection of some of our favorite Anita bras to give you an idea of the versatility of this brand:

Check out our complete selection of Anita bras and discover all that this brand has to offer!

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