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Bra Styles in Latin America

The bra styles I saw throughout Latin America had two things in common: they were limited to only a few styles, and the styles weren’t good for big-busted women. Not only do Latin American women have to contend with bra sizes that are too small for big-busted women (or even women with an average bust size, as Latin American sizes typically only go up to D and average is bigger than that!) but the bra styles available to women in Latin America just lack the support that big-busted women need.

Latin American Bra Styles are Limited

For the most part, the bra styles you see in Latin America come in only a few varieties, with thin straps and unsupportive designs.

Latin American Bra Styles

What’s Wrong with These Bras?

Out of dozens of bra styles you might see in a window display, only a small handfull have thick straps, full cups and other supportive design features. Most of these bras have soft cups, or small padded demi-cups, and they come in cup sizes that are too small for big-busted women anyway. The thin straps would dig into the shoulders of any big-busted women who might try to wear them, and wouldn’t spread the weight of the breasts evenly across the shoulders. Many of them have narrow bands that don’t offer adequate support.

What’s Good about These Bras?

On the up-side, many of these bras do have underwires. Women who properly fit these cup sizes would likely find ample support with the underwire options. The padded bras would also create quite feminine lines under the clothes, and help provide shaping. And Latin American bras do one thing quite well: look good. You’ll find some utilitarian styles among Latin American bra options, but most of them are very stylish, feminine and sexy. You’ll find lace overlays on many of these bras, and some of them are sheer, too. So if you live in Latin America and have a small bust, you’ll probably be quite happy with these bra styles and designs.

America has a Great Bra Selection

My trip through Latin America highlighted one very important thing for me: women here in the United States have a lot of great options when it comes to bra selection. Big-busted women have a ton of choices in style, sizing and options; choices they lack in Latin America. Designers in the United States understand the demographic they’re designing for, and have dozens of great style options. Don’t believe me? Check out our style guide to learn about all of the great style options we have here in the United States.

Latin American bras may be pretty and stylish, but that’s about all they’ve got going for them. They’re not very good from a practical standpoint. Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we understand that you want the best of both worlds: practical and stylish, supportive and sexy. Browse our bra collection to find the perfect bra for you – and be glad you’re here where you have so many options!

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