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Bra Sizing in Different Brands

As much as we might wish otherwise, bra sizing just isn’t consistent across brands. In many cases, bra sizing is extremely close to standard U.S., but you might have to go up or down a size depending on the style or manufacturer. When you add British brands to the list, you’ve got different sizing options, which can make it even more challenging to find the right bra size. How do you know when you’ve got the right bra size, and what should you know when considering bra sizing across the brands?

Always Consult Brand-Specific Size Guides
Some manufacturers release their own brand-specific size guides to ensure women can get the correct fit when they buy bras, underwear and swimwear. When that information is available, we here at Big Girls’ Bras pass the information along to you. On manufacturer pages that have brand-specific sizing, you’ll see size guides to help you find the right size.

In cases where manufacturers don’t have their own unique sizing guides, we make the standard U.S. sizing information available so you can always tell what size you should order in a given brand. If you haven’t ordered a brand before, check for our sizing information to see whether there’s brand-specific sizing or whether you should just order your normal American sizing.

American Bra Sizing vs. European Bra Sizing
One big thing to note is that standard U.S. sizing isn’t the same as sizing for European brands. Many of our most popular brands are Brit brands, for example, such as Freya, Fantasie, Elomi and Panache. When sizing British bras, the band sizes are the same, but the British cup sizing standard is different from the American standard.

British bra sizing is different in cup sizes above DD. You’ll find that while standard U.S. sizing includes DDD and then goes to G, British sizing spans from DD to E, then F. From F on you’ll find British brands have a pattern of F, FF, H, HH and so on. Standard U.S. sizing simply uses a different letter designation for every cup size beyond DDD. An American G, for example, is a British F; an American J is a British GG, etc.

When you’re ordering a bra from a British brand, make sure that you reference a size chart to make sure you get the appropriate British cup size. If you’re a 34H in standard U.S. sizing, and you order that in a British brand, the bra you get will actually be the equivalent of a standard 34K – which would be far too big if you’re an American 34H. Make sure you order British brands from British bra sizing charts, which we make available on the Brit brand pages.

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