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Bra Sizing and Fit in Different Types of Bras

The type of bra you wear affects the sizing and fit. Theoretically, when you find the appropriate bra size, you can try any bra in that size and it should be a close fit. However, in practice, the type of bra you wear affects the fit, and you may find you need to adjust the size to compensate for fit differences in different types of bras.

Bra Fit in Strapless Bras
Strapless bras rely on the body of the bra itself to support you. Theoretically, this should be true with any bra you wear, but without straps, a strapless bra absolutely has to have the right band size. You may need a smaller band size in a strapless bra to ensure it stays in position. Make sure the cup size is correct, because a cup that’s too large will wrinkle while a cup that’s too small may squeeze your breast tissue out over the top of the bra.

Fitting a Minimizer Bra
Minimizer bras are designed to make your bust appear smaller, so they don’t fit the same way as other bra types. Minimizer bras will flatten your breast tissue, but you still need to make sure the cup size and band size are correct.

Fitting a Maximizer or Push-Up Bra
A push-up bra is designed to create great cleavage and display your bust to advantage. Don’t get a larger cup size hoping for better results; the cup is designed to work with your breast tissue’s normal size and enhances size by shaping or adding padding. Too small, and you’ll spill out over a push-up bra; too large, and you won’t get the benefit of the design.

Fit and Maternity Bras
Fitting a maternity bra can be tricky. You should look for a bra that provides room to expand as your milk comes in and your breasts enlarge. However, your bra also needs to be the correct size so it supports your breasts and prevents unnecessary sagging. Band size is crucial in a maternity bra, although you may look for a slightly larger cup size to expand as your breasts grow.

Demi Cup Bra Fit Tips
Because a demi-cup bra isn’t full-coverage, you might need to adjust your sizing to get the right fit. If the cup is too small, your bust may spill over the cups; if it’s too large, your breasts may look saggy or droopy in the bra. You may need to adjust the cup size to find a good fit for your demi-cut bra.

Full-Cup Bra Fit Varies
Depending on your body, a full-coverage bra may fit differently than other types of styles of bras. If you have a short torso, a full-coverage bra may come too high on your body. You may also find a full-coverage bra empty or wrinkled at the top of the cup is too large, or pushed away from the body if your cup is too small.

Bra Fit in a Longline Bra
A longline bra can be a challenge to fit, particularly for a full-figured woman. If you carry extra weight in your tummy, you may need to adjust your band size for a longline bra because your normal band size may constrain you.

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