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Bra Sizes in Latin America

This week we’ve been taking a closer look at bra sizes and styles in Latin America. I’m happy to share what I’ve found with the readers here at Big Girls’ Bras. While I was traveling through Latin America, I took a look at bras in many countries along my route. What I discovered makes me feel bad for Latin American women. The many women I saw wearing the wrong bra size throughout Latin America did so for one important reason: the bra sizes in Latin America are all too small!

Bra Sizes in Latin America are Just Too Small

More specifically, the cup sizes of bras in Latin America typically only go up as high as the equivalent of the D cup here in the United States. As we learned last year when I interviewed Frederika Zappe of Eveden, that’s not even the average cup size! Women throughout Latin America are shaped much the same as women here in the United States; i.e. they come in all shapes and sizes. So for women to only have access to bras up to D size cups – that’s too small for the majority of the population!

No wonder women in Latin America are wearing the wrong bra size. They have no choice!

“Average” Cup Size

In my interview with Frederika last year, she revealed that the average bra cup size a few years ago was DD or E. As women and bra manufacturers have become more savvy, cup sizes have skewed upward as women have begun wearing the correct sizes. Now, the average cup size is F and FF. That’s well above the “D” size cups throughout Latin America.

What Happens When the Cup Size is Too Small?

When you’re shopping for a bra and the cup size is too small, you have to buy a larger band size to compensate. This results in a bra that doesn’t fit properly. It won’t provide the proper support, won’t tack properly and may cause you to feel droopy or sag. It can also put too much pressure and weight on your shoulders with the straps digging into them, because most of the support is supposed to come from the body of the bra itself. It can’t do that when the cup isn’t big enough.

So women who wear bras with the cup size too small have to compensate by buying bras with a larger strap size. If Latin American women had access to the bra sizes we have here in the United States, they might find that their old 36DD bra turns into a 34 F bra, or something similar, that fits much better in the cup and in the band. An appropriately-sized bra makes your breasts look firm and perky, and provides the most flattering silhouette under your clothes.

Don’t be like the poor Latin American women who have no choice but to wear cup sizes too small. Check out our guide to fitting a bra and make sure you’re wearing the right bra size. Some professionals estimate that up to 90% of women may be wearing the wrong bra size – don’t let that be you!

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