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Bra Size and Fit: Try, Try, Try Again!

Bra size and fit are some of the most elusive elements of buying a bra. Even if you know the right size to buy, not all manufacturers are alike, so you may have to experiment with sizing. And bra fit professionals suggest that women should be re-fitted every six months to a year just to ensure they’re still wearing the correct bra size. If you’ve had weight loss or weight gain; if you’ve become pregnant or had a child; or if you’re having trouble fitting your bra properly, it’s probably time to be re-sized. Here are some of the things you probably don’t think about when it comes to sizing and fitting your bras:

Bra Fitting is Not an Exact Science
Even if you size yourself properly, it’s important to understand that bra fitting is not an exact science. Knowing your proper bra size isn’t a magic formula to always getting the right bra. Bra sizes vary somewhat from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even bras within the same manufacturer can fit differently depending on how they’re designed. You may find a manufacturer has the perfect fit in one bra style, but a different bra style may be too tight or may be uncomfortable in points. It’s all a function of individual bra design, which means you have to try everything on.

Not All Manufacturers are Alike
While most manufacturers are close to standard sizing, there’s always some variance between standard bra sizing and a manufacturer’s sizing and style. For example, Conturelle bra cups fit about a third smaller than standard sizing, so women who are close to the next cup size may want to go up a size. It’s important to understand that there may be some variance between manufacturers, and be prepared to try different band and cup size variations. Feel free to call us if you have questions about a manufacturer’s sizing and fit.

Try and Buy
When possible, it’s a good idea to try bras on before you buy. However, if you’ve got a larger cup size, you’ll have trouble finding your size in most stores and may need to shop online. That’s when it’s essential to find an online retailer with a good return policy. Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we offer a 60 day window for returns, providing the bra is in new, unworn condition. View our complete return policies here. You may want to buy a bra in several different band and cup sizes so you can try them all on, and send back the ones that don’t fit. Or try bras one at a time until you find the right size and fit combination.

Experiment with Cup and Band Sizes
When you’re trying to find a bra with the right size and fit, experiment with cup and band sizes. Try on bras at least one band size above and one band size below your correct size. Same with bra cups; try on smaller and larger cups. You can see quickly how they fit, and should be able to determine which size is the best fit. Don’t adhere to your size and discard everything else; be flexible and experiment with the sizes around yours until you find the perfect fit.

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