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Bra Research in Buenos Aires

This week, we’re coming to  you with posts for Big Girls’ Bras from Latin America. I took a trip through 14 countries in Latin America from last December through March, and returned to Buenos Aires, Argentina last week to wrap up aspects of the trip. During the original trip, I noticed that women in many of the Latin American countries seemed to be wearing the wrong bra sizes, and wondered why. I did a bit of research along the way, checking out bras in El Salvador, Coasta Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina. I noticed some trends in Latin American bra sizes and styles, but my research was spotty and I couldn’t be certain it represented Latin America as a whole.

Well, last week I did some pretty intensive bra research while I was in Buenos Aires. And my research confirmed my observations!

Bra Research on Florida Street in Buenos Aires

If you ever make it to Buenos Aires, you simply must check out Florida Street. It’s a pedestrian walkway that stretches over a mile through downtown Buenos Aires, and it’s lined with shops of all varieties. Walking down Florida Street, you can find practically everything that you’ll see on offer in the city. Florida Street prices are a bit higher than you’ll see if you step off down one of the side streets, but it’s a great representation of what Buenos Aires has to offer.

I immediately noticed one obvious fact: Buenos Aires is extremely stylish. The window displays in Florida Street are elegant, classy and eye-catching. For the most part, that is. Here is a sample of the bra and lingerie stores you’ll find on Florida Street.

As you can see, even the displays of bras and lingerie for young women was stylish and classy.

But no shopping avenue would be complete without a more department-store style approach to displays and wares. Lest you think Florida Street is only high class, don’t forget about places like this, cluttered with tons of bras and underwear:

So Florida Street runs the gamut of the types of bras and lingerie that stylish Buenos Aires has to offer. You have everything from upscale bra and lingerie boutiques to bras and underwear for young women, and even a more middle-range department-store approach.

It’s a good representative sample of what Latin American women can access in terms of bras and lingerie, and I found when I went to check out the stores and the selection that it was similar to every stop I’d made along the way in one important respect: the selection of bras and bra sizes in Latin America is surprisingly limited.

I found when I looked at bras throughout Latin America that I only saw a few different bra styles. The styles were nice enough, and some of the high-end lingerie stores and brands really dressed them up, but they remained the same styles throughout. Most of the bras in Latin America were best suited for women with average-to-small bust sizes. That’s why many of the women I encountered weren’t wearing the right bra size, or were wearing bras that weren’t supportive enough; because they don’t exist in Latin America.

For the rest of the week, we’ll be taking a closer look at what bra styles and sizes I found in Latin America, and how they differ from the bras available here in the United States.

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