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What are Your Bra Questions?

11042013-what-are-your-bra-questionsBras are one of those weird things – pretty much every woman needs them and wears them, but few of us know everything there is to know about them! Here at Big Girls Bras, we try to demystify bras for our shoppers. We do a weekly Q&A series to help women get their bra-related questions answered, and we’ve also got a Facebook page where our shoppers can pose questions or see what other women are talking about when it comes to bras. Help us help you, ladies – tell us about your bra questions so we can answer them, and hopefully help other women at the same time!

Visit Big Girls Bras on Facebook!
Hundreds of millions of women around the world use Facebook to connect with friends and family – and their favorite brands! We know how much you love Facebook (we do, too!) so we maintain the Big Girls Bras Facebook page just for you! On our Facebook page, you can browse bra- and breast-health-related articles, you can check out the occasional humorous post (who doesn’t need a smile now and again?) and we’ll answer all of your questions!

Whether you ask us something on the page, leave a comment on one of our posts or send us a message, our knowledgeable staff will do their best to help you and answer all your questions. So come visit us on Facebook – see what other women are talking about, and ask your own questions!

Contact Us Directly with Your Questions
Not everyone uses Facebook, or wants to interface with someone on social media. If you prefer to contact us directly, feel free to give us a call! Our toll-free number is 1-866-352-4494, and our people are in the office Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm EST. If we’re helping other customers and not able to take your call, please feel free to leave us a voicemail and we’ll return your call as quickly as possible!

Alternately, you can shoot us an email at – we’ll do our best to get back to you quickly! But if you do send us an email, please use a descriptive subject line; we get a ton of SPAM in our inbox, so if you don’t use a descriptive subject line, we might not see your note. Please be as specific as possible in your email requests so we can help you quickly – for suggestions, check out our Contact Page to see our recommended email guidelines.

Check Out Our Friday Q&A Series
Finally, we do a weekly series every Friday on our blog where we answer real questions from other women just like you! Visit our Friday Q&A series – you never know what you might learn! Or send us your own question for the Friday Q&A, and we’ll answer it – and hopefully the answer will help other women who have the same question!

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