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Bra Padding Options

In the past century, women have enjoyed many advances to bra design that make a big difference in comfort, support and style options for our bras. Luckily, there have also been advances in padding options. Women who want bra padding now have many different types of padding options available to them. Women can choose from different materials and padding styles, and they can also select padded bras that already contain padding for their benefit.

Who Needs Padding?
Women may want padding for their bras for a variety of reasons. Our society places a premium on larger bust sizes; women with large busts are sometimes considered more attractive or desirable. If you’ve got a small bust size, it may be tempting to augment your bust with a nice padding option. Some outfits also look great with just the right bust size; some women might want a little padding to look great in their favorite dress or shirt.

But there are other reasons women might want padding, too. Women who have a mastectomy might want padding to hide the mastectomy under their every-day clothes. Many women also have asymmetrical breasts, and might want padding to make the breasts seem to be the same size or appear to be more symmetrical. Whatever your reasons for wanting padding, there are a variety of ways to address your needs.

A cutlet is a gel pad that is made to be inserted inside of a bra, underneath the breast tissue. It’s designed to create a fuller look, or to “boost up” the breast tissue to give the breasts a more full appearance. A cutlet might be a good choice for a women with asymmetrical breasts, or women who want to enhance their fullness. Cutlets are called cutlets because of their appearance to actual chicken cutlets.

A cookie is another padding option; this one is an oval-shaped removable fabric pad that is often found inside push-up bras. A cookie serves the same purpose as a cutlet, but doesn’t feel quite as natural. Additionally, a cookie doesn’t move in the same way or fill a bra cup the same way as actual breast tissue; a cutlet is a closer approximation.

Padded Cup Bras
Padded cup bras come with the padding options already inserted. In some cases, padded cup bras have pockets in which you can insert the padding; making it easier to take the padding out when you clean it or customize the amount and type of padding you want. In other cases, the padding is sewn directly into the cups. You can also find padded cup bras in different styles, such as push-up options, cleavage-enhancing bras and other bra options.

Padded cup bras are a great option if you simply want to enhance your bust size; they’re symmetrical and a great option for women with smaller busts. Women who want padding for asymmetrical breasts or for a mastectomy may want to look for padded bras with pockets so they can customize their padding to create the right look. Most of our medical bras have pockets so you can add your own padding to customize the look you want.

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