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Bra Padding Options For Every Preference

In yesterday’s post, we discussed the challenges that breast cancer survivors face. We talked about mastectomy bras for every phase in the process; whether you’re looking for a comfortable post-surgical medical bra, or whether you want a prosthetic bra that can help you feel more like yourself. Many of our mastectomy bras have pockets for padding, or built in padding, to help you look and feel more confident after a mastectomy. If you’re looking for padding for your mastectomy bras, we here at Big Girls’ Bras are happy to offer you several options, so you can find something that fits your needs.

Breast Enhancers vs. Breast Forms
It’s important to note the distinction between breast enhancers and breast forms. Most of the bra pads we carry are breast enhancers. They’re designed to sit inside your bra, under your breast, to provide lift and shaping. This type of padding typically isn’t the right choice for a mastectomy survivor.

Women who have lost an entire breast in a mastectomy may feel more comfortable with a breast form, which is designed to resemble a whole breast. Many breast forms include anatomically correct details, such as an areola and nipple. Breast forms are usually larger than breast padding, and may fill a cup in a more natural manner than a breast pad. That being said, if you’re not looking for a full breast form but would like breast padding, instead, we’ve got a ton of great options.

Silicone Breast Enhancers
We’ve got several silicone push up pads and enhancers if you prefer the feel of silicone. Check out the Fashion Forms Whipped Silicone Push Up Pads or the Fashion Forms Mini Silicone Bra Pads. We’ve also got Fashion Forms Silicone Push Up Pads, and the Fashion Forms Enhancers. Each of these silicone pads is designed to provide natural shaping and breast enhancement, and to be undetectable as a form of enhancement. Most will fit into your bra padding pocked and provide lift and shaping. However, due to their use and placement, these may not be the best choice for mastectomy survivors – it depends entirely on your need and shaping after surgery.

Water and Air Breast Enhancers
Fashion Forms also makes Mini Water Push Up Pads and Fashion Forms Air Push Up Pads. The Fashion Forms Mini Water Push Up Pads pads are filled with a mixture of water and oil, and are designed to provide comfortable form-shaping. The air pads are similar, but use air instead of water. Again, like many of the silicone pads, these are designed to lift and shape; meaning they may not be the best choice for a mastectomy survivor. It depends on your needs.

Shaping Pads
Fashion Forms also offers some more complete shaping pads. Consider the Fashion Forms Half and Half Shaping Pads, or the Fashion Forms Comfy Cups. The Half and Half Shaping Pads are a mix of silicone and whipped silicone, and the Comfy Cups are polyester. Both provide more overall shaping and padding, but are designed to augment your breasts. These are probably the best options for mastectomy survivors who don’t want to go with a full breast form, but it all depends on your individual needs.

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